Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Depths of Depravity Before Unknown: The Sin that Cries Out to Heaven for Vengeance

Convicted sex offender Adam Flanders
I want to comment on a despicable evil that was done against my good friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance in recent years.  If you want to take the time to get the full picture you can go to Brian's website, www.massresistance.com and enter the word "Flanders" in the search bar.  

Adam Flanders became known to me over ten years ago.  He was a teen living in Belfast.  He posted an image of my wife's face online.  He had photoshopped her face to appear as a grisly Satan with horns.  His goal was to attack her efforts to distribute the Christian music she created.  The attack was very evil.

He was also highly critical of the Christian Civic League of Maine at about the same time.

But what was most curious about Flanders was a public letter he wrote revealing homosexual sex with kids under age 14.

Brian's organization was one of many to show an interest in this letter in 2007, and to push it out to the public using their websites and publications.  But five years after writing the letter Flanders changed his mind.  Brian writes, "Late last year Flanders changed his mind and now wants the controversial letter removed from pro-family sites that have posted it. Flanders (and other homosexual activists) apparently realized that the letter -- in the hands of pro-family groups -- represents an important revelation about the "gay clubs" everywhere. So Flanders contacted every pro-family group that had it posted and threatened them with legal action unless they removed it. And they all caved in and removed it -- except MassResistance."

Brian Camenker testifying in Massachusetts
Sadly, even the ministry that I proudly led for 20 years removed it from their website.

Brian was harassed relentlessly by lawyers and judges for many months.  I think it stretched into more than a year.  Everyone told him to just remove the letter from his website.  They said the fight wasn't worth it.

But Brian didn't budge.  He didn't back down.  He showed the rest of us what real leadership looks like.  Brian demonstrated a quality of grit that is rare among men.  He rose another few notches in my esteem.

If you want to seriously think about this "homosexual" issue you need to expose yourself to Brian.  More importantly, however, we need to act on what we learn from men like Brian.

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