Friday, March 24, 2006

Chesty Men

List of Korean Conflict Bronze Star recipients
Chesty Puller
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My youngest son ships for Marine boot camp on June 19th. He and I are reading a book about the only Marine in history to win five Navy Crosses. Chesty Puller wouldn't take the time to argue about "tone and style." He would view that as a distraction. In battle you deal with the enemy. You act.

During WW II Puller was approached by a whining protestant chaplain on New Guinea. The minister was troubled by his Roman Catholic colleagues who were more successful with the men. Puller told the protestant chaplain to work harder instead of come to him seeking favors.

A while later Puller was greeted by this same Protestant chaplain as he returned from battle. The book reports:  As Puller jumped from a truck he was confronted by an outstretched hand -- it was his acquaintance, the Protestant chaplain who had complained of Catholic inroads on New Guinea. Puller was in no mood to befriend him.