Sunday, August 8, 2010

My son, Sean, and my brand new daughter-in-law,
 Kimberly, in front of their muddy "Heep"
The Psalmist observes that children are God's best gift and that the fruit of the womb is his generous legacy.  The writer of Psalm 127 also says that God enjoys giving rest to those he loves.

This weekend has been a great blessing to me in that regard.  On Friday I met with my mentor of the past eight years, the retired Reverend Bob Becker.  Bob is part of an official mentoring program for Christian leaders that is overseen by Reverend Bob Frederich.  Rev. Becker and I have been meeting occasionally for prayer and a meal over the past eight years.  Friday he came to my house for a hamburger.

Just before he arrived my son came roaring into the driveway in what we affectionately call the "Heep."  It was looking more heepy than ever.  He took a friend fishing at a pond way back in the woods of Vassalboro.  The trip to the pond required some mudding.