Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Rabid Government: America Forcing Sodomy on the Universe

Rabies definition -- a contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals that causes madness and convulsions, transmissible through the saliva to humans.

In her email this week Linda Harvey highlighted an Austin Ruse article entitled, White House to Order Faith-based Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applicants.

For over a decade I argued statewide in Maine that the addition of "sexual orientation" to the Maine Human Rights Act would have far-reaching consequences.  I predicted that Maine would quickly destroy marriage by making sodomy an acceptable precondition for state-recognized marriages.

The government went further than I imagined possible.  In addition to "sexual orientation" they included the category of gender, "trans"gender to be more specific.  This is more accurately described as cross dressing on steroids, just as "sexual orientation" is more accurately imagined as sexual perversion.

Maine started down this legal rabbit hole of deviance in 2009.  In 2012 a slim majority of Mainers voted to end civil marriage.

And now public school teachers are forcing all Maine children to begin thinking about the virtues of sodomy at 7 years of age.

In the article by Austin Ruse mentioned above we find that the virus is spreading rapidly.  It won't be enough to pervert the whole world with this evil anti-family worldview.  Since the developed governments of the world aspire to colonizing planets we have to prepare for the export of sodomy to other worlds -- to the entire universe!

I think it's time for us Christians to flip open our communicators.  Beam me up Scotty.

It's like satan, a rabid dog, sunk his fangs deep into the donkey flesh of our nation's government.  And now the deranged ass is infecting other nations.

What can be done?

Coach Dave told me this week that he has a clip of conservative talker Michael Savage saying that the only force capable of saving America is a militant Christianity.

I wrote about this back in 2006.  I was commenting on the Marine hero, Chesty Puller, who compared a militant Catholic chaplain to a weak Protestant one.

I wrote:
It is instructive to remember that it was protestantism that provided the moral and intellectual muscle that both nourished the American Revolution, and saved us from the excesses of the French Revolution. Now look at us. We can't even agree that sodomy and baby killing are sinful. Pathetic.
Protestantism is completely irrelevant today because all it can do now is "help the wounded." Our churches are full of whiners who are always crying for the pastor to heal them. We keep ourselves so busy comforting our every hurt that we don't have time to organize and speak righteousness to a fallen and increasingly pagan West.
I don't blame people for not going to church, especially men. There is no integrity there. The Bible is full of righteousness, truth, judgment and strength. Yet, all we hear from our pastors is how important it is to adopt the right "tone and style" with our enemies. Jesus said that we should love our enemies. He didn't say we shouldn't have any.
We love our enemies when we fight their unrighteousness, when we call sin ... well ... sin. That is love. It IS loving to get mad about homosexuality in the schools. It is loving to fight legalized abortion. It is loving to preach PUBLICALLY against drinking. It is loving and Christian for a nation to ban gambling.
Make no mistake. When a lesbian activist in charge is telling a father in Lexington, Massachusetts that the elementary school can promote the idea of homosexual households to his seven year old son in the name of the law it is clear that we are engaged in a culture war the likes of which this country has never seen. Folks, we are up to our eyeballs in a culture war.
Either the forces that wish to go the whole way and emasculate our children will win, or we will. There is no middle ground. Decent people everywhere are going to have to unplug the fake Madonna who now crucifies herself on a mirrored cross for money. Good people must renew their interest in the real Madonna.
If they don't, then the nation is truly lost. America will be dead.
The America of Chesty men may be gone forever. The America of youthful, virile and patriotic pastors may be gone. But I don't think so.
I'm so thankful for Linda Harvey and Mission America.  There's a woman of whom men can be proud.  Linda should inspire us.

She left a successful career in marketing years ago to take up this cause.  Like all the militant truth tellers I've befriended she's met with her share of shocking sacrifices and brutal surprises along the way.

But she has stayed true to her Mission America.  She produces a radio show, and she has authored a book that I am reading.  I highly recommend it for parents and grandparents who are thinking about this issue.  Every church needs to prominently feature this book in it's library.

And, folks, it's not getting any easier to tell the truth about sodomy.  Even conservative evangelicalism is amping up advocacy for all things "gay."  I'm told by Americans for Truth that there is a pro-homosexual conference planned for early June in Atlanta, Georgia.  Evanjellyfish from all over America are coming together to learn how to power up their assault on common sense.

While my son and I were in Seattle, Washington recently I talked with an old friend.  She told me of a Christian acquaintance of hers who will probably speak at the conference.  Her acquaintance promotes homosexuality as a moral sexual alternative for Christians.  She is motivated by the tragic suicide of her drug-addled sexually-deviant son.

This mom thinks that early and frequent exposure of youth to the idea that it is evil to "discriminate" against "gays" will head off suicide. Jesus certainly doesn't agree.  He condemns all sex outside of marriage, and isn't kind to adults who work to corrupt their imaginations.

And the idea (ESPECIALLY AMONG CHRISTIANS) that any kind of sex outside of holy matrimony would be moral is unthinkable.

Humans die from rabies unless they are given the vaccine before the symptoms appear.  Paul the apostle points out in his letter to Roman Christians that you can tell when a nation has become a walking corpse when it has endorsed perverted sex.

Is it too late for America to take the vaccine?

Are the symptoms of judgment evident?

My wife and I will join with Coach Dave in a Solemn Assembly on the steps of the Supreme Court on June 14, 2015 in hopes that it is not too late.  One thing is for sure.  We must repent, turn from our wicked ways and appeal to heaven.  The politicians sure aren't going to save us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An Old Geezer at an Old Geyser -- Pray for Truth Road Trip --Part 9

An old geezer at an old geyser
Solomon wrote in the Proverbs, "Old people are distinguished by grandchildren."  This is surely true.  This old man is not, however, distinguished by his dress.

I titled this image from our Pray for Truth Road Trip "An old geezer in front of an old geyzer."

Solomon concluded the Proverb, "children take pride in their parents."

While my untucked shirt distinguishes me as an old geezer, and probably embarrasses my children, I pray that my faithfulness to God will be a source of pride for them.  I hope our commitment to Jesus "distinguishes" Paulie and me as we mature.

The geyser is called faithful.  It was given that name because it spouts off every hour or so.  It faithfully presents the same show every hour year after year.  Old faithful doesn't swing wildly between extremes.

The brilliant British 20th century writer G.K. Chesterton observed, "The whole curse of the last century has been what is called the Swing of the Pendulum; that is, the idea that Man must go alternately from one extreme to the other. It is a shameful and even shocking fancy; it is the denial of the whole dignity of mankind. When Man is alive he stands still. It is only when he is dead that he swings."

Many people believe that America is swinging to an extreme right now, and that it will swing back from practices like sodomy and abortion.  In truth this thinking is evidence that we are slipping the hangman's noose around our neck.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shouting from the Rooftops: Exposing Chicago's Perversion Shrine -- Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 8

Innocent neighborhood children walking past
Leather Archive on Friday morning
On Friday morning, May 22, Peter LaBarbera and an assistant distributed 1000 flyers in the neighborhood surrounding the Leather Archive and Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  A 10:30 press conference followed the 4:00 a.m. flyer distribution.  I spoke at the press conference.

The "museum" celebrates vile sexual practices.  They are so bad that I'm not going to describe them here.  The building that houses the "collections" features a large sign on the front with tall letters spelling out "LA&M."

We were able to park in a grocery store parking lot just across the street.  It was a sunny spring morning.  A day care is located 100 feet from the front door.  Three times as we waited for the start of the event young children were paraded past the building on the sidewalk.

Resting quietly on the Sabbath: Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 7

A thought at the end of Luke 23 drew my attention a couple morning's ago.  One reason is that Paulie mentioned the importance of sabbath rest to me as we were talking on the phone earlier.  The verse says, "They rested quietly on the sabbath, as commanded."

My 25 year old son, Jared, and I are listening through the New Testament while we drive from Maine to Washington state. We finished the gospels that same day.

The verse above brings closure to Luke's account of the crucifixion.  I like the idea that on the day following this emotional and profoundly violent event God's order delivered peace and rest.  Sunday is our culture's sabbath.  The Bible says that our heavenly Father rested from his work of creation on the seventh day.  We are called to follow His example.
Jared looking at Old Faithful today.
God is Faithful.

We are an impulsive, emotional and frantic people.  This characteristic of our society worsens the further we stray from God's design for the flow of our days, weeks and months.

Women rested on the day Luke mentions. They had just witnessed the gruesome murder of Jesus the day before.  Yet, the scripture reports that they "rested quietly ... as commanded."

It is most important, perhaps, to follow God's design for the use of our time when we feel we can least afford it.  I'm sure that the women mentioned by Luke felt pressed and emotional.  Activity would have been tempting.

They didn't give into their weakness.  They followed God's direction.

And so should we.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Salt of the Earth: Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 6

Jared doing the driving
We're nearly through Luke.  Jared and I are going through the New Testament between America's coasts in the next seven days.  We left our friends Matthew and Mark back in Massachusetts.  Doctor Luke is giving us his consultation as we make our way across New York.  Next comes one of my favorites, John.

Jesus sat down with a crowd one day.  He taught them about His kingdom.  He told them that they needed to think of themselves as salt.  He said, "Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth."

When you put salt on a wound there is pain.  America is badly wounded.  When Christians speak and live the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is pain.  We should expect difficulty.

Jesus said previously to this same group, "You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world."

We cannot begin to develop saltiness unless we choose to put our heart and mind right.

Dr. Wilson Hickam at home
Paul discusses this in Romans, "So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you."

My mentor, Dr. Wilson Hickam, has worked at this for a lifetime.  Two days ago, when I was talking with him in the wee hours of the morning in his livingroom, I snapped an image of him that I will treasure.  The image shows him thinking, not fitting in.  We mused together about not fitting in.

Jesus concluded, "If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness?"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Militia? Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 5

Dan McGonicle
Last night, as we started our Pray for Truth Road Trip, Jared and I stopped at the Dyer Library in Saco,  Daniel McGonicle made a presentation on the constitutional militia.  He has written a book on the subject.  He bases his work on that of the constitutional scholar Edwin Viera.

I became interested in the idea of a militia when I visited with family in Switzerland over thirty years ago.  The father of the family was issued a rifle as a young man.  And he will remain obligated to protect his nation most of his adult years.

God is a Father.  As the Father of humanity He protects innocence and truth.  And His judgment, discipline and wrath are an essential theme in the Bible and Christianity.

All good fathers since the beginning of time have taken these duties seriously.

Dr. Wilson & Nita Hickam with Me
It was a delight to observe Mr. McGonicle devote great energy to these themes.  His argument on the need for a militia is based on America's constitution and law.  He believes that the federal standing army and national guard are a poor (and unlawful) substitute for the constitutional militia.

Jared and I went on from this informative time to visit with long-time friends.  Dr. Wilson Hickam and his wife Nita have influenced Paulie and I more than almost anyone else we've known.  Wilson presided at our wedding, and he ordained me.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Charges Dropped Against Christian Evangelist Kent Hovind

A few years ago my brother-in-law loaned me a set of DVDs.  I watched all of them.  Kent Hovind takes on the matter of Biblical creation and evolution in the DVD set.  You can watch much, if not all, of the seminar on the internet.  Google Kent's name.

Kent went to jail in November of 2007.  He is still there. He was sent there because he came into conflict with the IRS over their rules.  They prosecuted him using laws created to discipline drug kingpins.

Watch the youtube above.  Kent is obviously not a drug kingpin.  He is a gifted communicator/teacher who responded to the call of God to preach the gospel.  In doing so he didn't shrink from developing a persuasive critique of modern "science,"  specifically the theory of evolution.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lingerie for Men: Nice

The following blog post is by Lee Duigon.  I became acquainted with him online.  He publishes a daily blog post that I enjoy.  This is one from earlier this week.  I'm reading his fantasy books.  They are imaginative, spiritually uplifting and entertaining.  I hope you'll check out his blog and join with me in enjoying his brilliant and witty missives. -- Mike Heath

By Lee Duigon

Maybe you saw the recent pictures of the Temple University ROTC cadets marching in ladies' shoes spray-painted red. And if you did, did you wonder what they had on under their camouflage fatigues?

Hey! Maybe the guys were wearing bras and panties! By order of the Dept. of the Army, of course.

A Cause Abandoned

In a fund raising letter published today Brian Camenker of MassResistance writes, "Mike Heath, another unwavering pro-family leader, led two successful statewide ballot fights against the homosexual movement in Maine. But in 2009, the mushy pro-family establishment declared him to be 'too controversial' and his major donors fell away. Without funding he couldn’t continue running his organization. Then in 2012, the homosexual movement there pushed through their 'gay marriage' referendum."

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Presidential Contenders: Will they listen?

Laurie Higgins makes a heartbreaking appeal in her most recent article published by Illinois Family Action.  She is appealing to Presidential hopefuls.  She writes, "The campaign is up and running, and there’s nothing that the liberal press salivates over more than asking conservative presidential contenders what they think about all things homosexual—especially homosexual 'mirage' (to borrow Pastor Doug Wilson’s term) or 'pseudogamy' (to borrow Professor Anthony Esolen’s term)."
I say it is heartbreaking because I don't have any hope that any politician will speak the unvarnished truth about all things "gay."

Laurie goes on, "Most conservative politicians respond with nervous, evasive, self-conscious, and intellectually unsatisfying answers. The reasons for their awkward and ineffective responses likely range from ignorance to fear to absence of genuine conviction."

Time to Repeal Anti-Christian Gag Orders

I heard about Linda Harvey a number of years ago.  Her courageous stand for common sense brought her to my attention.  For years she's been in the trenches standing against the homosexual cause.  This is her latest clarion call.  In 2005, after three decades of political work "gays" and their allies in Maine enacted the law she is describing here.  They went on to put the final nail in marriage's coffin in the Pine Tree State in 2012.  Now they are working overtime to add letters to their acronym of perversions -- LGBTQABCDEF ... The solution to this is to remove "sexual orientation" from the law and restore the sodomy law with appropriate rules of evidence and penalties.  Linda writes, "Every 'ENDA' law out there needs to be challenged and turned back."  ENDA stands for Employment Non Discrimination Act.  It is the camel's way of disguising his nose.  While I'm writing about Linda let me urge you to please get a copy of her excellent book, Maybe He's Not Gay.  Give it to anybody you know who is being drawn in by the propaganda.  -- Mike Heath

By Linda Harvey of Mission America

Did you know that in many parts of the country, you can be fired or driven out of business just for being a faithful Christian?

It’s true. And the “gay” lobby gleefully hopes for more such laws in the near future. Not content with trying to wreck marriage, Big Gay has announced a push in coming months for more so-called “employment non-discrimination” (ENDA) laws that include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exodus Mandate and the Pray for Truth Road Trip: Part 4

E. Ray Moore speaking this year in South Carolina
A few years ago I met Ray Moore in South Carolina.  He is a homeschooling dad.  Twenty years ago he started Exodus Mandate.

I am honored to represent him and Exodus Mandate in New England.

On April 18th Ray participated in a two hour debate that you can watch on your internet connected device.  What's even more exciting, however, is the fact that you can watch it as a student in the Worldview Christian Academy.  Registration is free, and the entire thought-provoking debate can be viewed.

Exodus Mandate is sponsoring my Pray for Truth Road Trip.  My youngest son, Jared, is joining me in this exciting cross country spiritual adventure.  We hope to meet with some Christian heroes along the way.  My goal is to fill a portion of our drive time with reading the New Testament.

The motto of Exodus Mandate is "Let my children go!"  This is, of course, based on the biblical demand Moses made of Egypt's Pharoah.  Exodus Mandate expands the motto with the purpose of "Encouraging families to leave government schools for the promised land of K-12 Christian education."

Is it Write to Name Names

In my recent blog post titled Stealing is Evil:  Vomit from the Heart I named names.  Zena Fritz and Michael McQuade stole a laptop computer from me while I was working.  The laptop was given to me by my father a little over a year ago.  I liked it.  I used it a lot.

Some friends have suggested that it is not prudent for me to name the thieves in my writing.  They've also counseled me to extend mercy.  The easiest thing for me to do would be to forget this whole incident now.  I've replaced the laptop in the performance of my daily tasks.  And I've never been drawn to conflict like some of the best men I know.  I'm a coward compared to my heroes.  Extending mercy and leaving this whole matter with law enforcement, the welfare system and the courts to figure out would be so easy.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pray for Truth Road Trip: Part 3

Jared in front of Founders Monu-
ment in Plymouth Mass-
achusetts last year
My Marine Sergeant son, Jared, and I are going to Seattle, Washington next week.  This is Helping Hands Ministries Pray for Truth Road Trip. We will leave on Wednesday, May 20th.  As we travel through the following states we will read the New Testament.  We'll literally drive the Truth through:
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Washington
I'll be leaving Jared in Seattle.  He is staying in the Northwest for the summer.  He is now a Christian college student.  He spent 8 years in the Marines.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Leather Museum in Chicago

Leatherman's Archive and Museum in Chicago.  Image captured from
Google Maps Street View
On our Pray for Truth Road Trip Jared and I will be stopping in Chicago to visit with my good friend Peter LaBarbera.  Peter helped me with a story I worked on back in 2009.  You can read all about it in an online press release entitled Details of Gruesome Murder by "Married" Homosexual will Receive Fresh Scrutiny .

The story concerned the murder of Fred Wilson in the basement of his South Portland home after what we can only imagine must have been an unspeakably vile encounter.

The press release revealed that, "Heath and his associates learned that Wilson was a member of the Harbor Masters Club, a group dedicated to the practice of sadomasochism, and served as their IT specialist.  Heath also learned that Wilson was a contributor to a  museum in Chicago known as 'The Leather Archives and Museum.' These stunning revelations led Heath and his associates to conclude much in advance of the mainstream press that the killing was related to sadomasochism; and they were the first to break a story which would eventually travel around the globe."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pray for Truth Road Trip

 A couple years ago Paulie and I undertook the Pray for Power Road Trip.

In just under two weeks I will begin what God has invited me to call the Pray for Truth Road Trip.  I will undertake this adventure with my son, Jared.  Here is a map of the trip.  I'll be updating it with information you can use to pray for us.  I'll post updates on this blog as we make our way across the country.

Helping Hands Ministries is partnered with two Christian heroes who lead important ministries.  One is Peter LaBarbera and the other is Ray Moore.

Peter leads Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.  Ray leads Exodus Mandate.

I've known Pete since the early 1990s.  I met Ray while leading the Ron Paul for President Campaign in Iowa in 2011.  Ray appointed me his representative in New England.  God willing I'll be making some Exodus Mandate connections on the Pray for Truth Road Trip.

I'm looking forward to being with Pete in Chicago.  Paulie and I were able to be with Pete and his wife for a breakfast on our Pray for Power Road Trip.  Pete and I will be discussing a deeper relationship between Americans for Truth and Helping Hands Ministries.

One of the major reasons hundreds of thousands of Christian families fled the public schools in the past forty years is the collapse of common sense.  The melt down is nearly complete.  Nothing illustrates this fact more clearly than their promotion of sodomy and transgendering.

Whether or not the public wakes up Christians have a duty to both tell and live the truth.  Hell is reserved for people who reject God.  People who believe that homosexuality is moral will spend eternity in hell.  Nations who destroy God's image in marriage will themselves be destroyed.  It is only a matter of time.

I'm really looking forward to visiting with Terry Hughes, the Ice Man.  I helped him put his autobiography online.  You can read it for free on your computer or mobile device.

Jared and I will be praying while we travel across America that our nation will repent.  We'll pray that her people will turn from their wicked ways, and choose to come together in love for one another, instead of fight for a bigger piece of the pie.  This sort of healing and unity can only be found in the gospel, morality and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Make a donation to help us with our ministry expenses on this trip.

You can click on the sentence above to make an online donation with your credit or debit card, or make your income tax deductible check out to Helping Hands Ministries, 5 Sylvan Way, Chelsea, ME  04330.

Girlie Fighters

Years ago I met the Coach.  I remain impressed with his direct Christian approach.  He started a recent column, "Christian leadership is soft. They think that talking and praying constitutes ‘fighting’. War, to them, is arguing with Juan Williams on Fox News, when in fact, words mean nothing. Words are the weapons of girlie fighters."

Girlie fighters.  Yea, he said that.

After quoting James Dobson's now infamous quote about the failure of the pro family movement
“We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action. We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles."
the Coach names names, "So now, they say it is time to disobey. WE WILL NOT OBEY! I hear them bombasting in regard to their anticipated defeat in the Supreme Court’s homo-marriage decision. Really? They are going to go to jail? James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Matt Staver, Franklin Graham, Jerry Johnson, Rick Santorum, Keith Fornier, Rick Scarborough—they’re willing to go to jail? REALLY?"

Stealing is Evil: Vomit from the Heart

It's what comes out of a person that pollutes:  obscenities, lusts, thefts, murders, adulteries, greed, depravity, deceptive dealings, carousing, mean looks, slander, arrogance, foolishness -- all these are vomit from the heart. -- Mark 7:20-23 (Message)

Good morning folks.

A few weeks ago Zena Fritz and Michael McQuade stole my laptop computer.  It was given to me by my father one year ago.  For about fifty hours a week God has called me to drive the van pictured above.  Fritz and McQuade stole the laptop out of this van.  I was sitting in the passenger seat when they performed their evil deed.

A trainee was sitting in the driver's seat.  The laptop was stolen from the mesh pocket behind the driver's seat.  Fritz and McQuade were sitting directly behind the drivers seat during transportation.  Fritz (tattooed from head to foot), the woman of the pair, was carrying a large bag.  The pair are in their late 20's.

While I didn't see them steal the laptop (If I had I wouldn't be in this situation), the Holy Spirit brought to my mind the thought to check for the laptop minutes after Fritz and McQuade exited the van.  Discovering that it was missing I immediately told the trainee to return to the place where we dropped Fritz and McQuade.

As I exited the van I found myself facing McQuade.  He was returning to his apartment building.  Fritz was nowhere to be seen.  I didn't immediately recognize McQuade as the man who had been in the van.  I haltingly stated that my laptop was missing from the van and asked if he was Fritz.  He said he was McQuade.  I repeated that my laptop was missing.  He acted concerned and entered the apartment building.  I assumed he was going to get Fritz.

I then called the police.  While I was on the phone with the police Fritz exited the apartment building and proceeded to insult me and the agency punctuating her assertions of innocence with expletives.  She was back in the building before I hung up.

It's been about a month since the theft.  The laptop was worth $600 when it was purchased a year ago.  It was in good condition.

Augusta Police Department
After waiting nearly an hour we decided to drive to the police station.  I filed a report of the theft with Officer Anthony Drouin.  He eventually visited with Fritz and McQuade in their apartment.  They denied stealing the laptop.  Drouin didn't find it in their apartment.

While I didn't see them steal the laptop they were the only people with opportunity.  My trainee filed a sworn affidavit with Officer Drouin indicating that he saw the laptop as he was belting in a wheelchair just before we picked up Fritz and McQuade.  This testimony has bumped up the significance of the case somehow.

Yesterday I spoke with the Augusta Police Department person who processes Reports.  Drouin told me that I should get a copy of the report of his investigation.  I am considering filing a lawsuit in small claims court and feel that the report of his investigation would be of some help to me.  I was told the report would cost me $20 and that it would not be complete because the matter was now considered a crime.  The report processing person said that my copy of the report would be "redacted."

I'm not a lawyer.  If I were then I suppose I would understand why the victim cannot obtain a complete report of the police investigation regarding the theft of his property.  While Fritz and McQuade are being transported at taxpayers expense to the tune of thousands of dollars a year the taxpayer (me) is forced to pay for justice.  Something isn't right with this picture.

I've also discovered that filing the small claims lawsuit could get costly.  I've yet to determine how much.  I know that it all starts with fifty bucks for the District Court.  Then there are fees for "serving" the thief.

My intention since the theft has been to file the small claims suit.  While that remains my intention I have decided to add blogging about this experience to the process.  And I won't be redacting anything.