Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Rabid Government: America Forcing Sodomy on the Universe

Rabies definition -- a contagious and fatal viral disease of dogs and other mammals that causes madness and convulsions, transmissible through the saliva to humans.

In her email this week Linda Harvey highlighted an Austin Ruse article entitled, White House to Order Faith-based Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applicants.

For over a decade I argued statewide in Maine that the addition of "sexual orientation" to the Maine Human Rights Act would have far-reaching consequences.  I predicted that Maine would quickly destroy marriage by making sodomy an acceptable precondition for state-recognized marriages.

The government went further than I imagined possible.  In addition to "sexual orientation" they included the category of gender, "trans"gender to be more specific.  This is more accurately described as cross dressing on steroids, just as "sexual orientation" is more accurately imagined as sexual perversion.

Maine started down this legal rabbit hole of deviance in 2009.  In 2012 a slim majority of Mainers voted to end civil marriage.

And now public school teachers are forcing all Maine children to begin thinking about the virtues of sodomy at 7 years of age.

In the article by Austin Ruse mentioned above we find that the virus is spreading rapidly.  It won't be enough to pervert the whole world with this evil anti-family worldview.  Since the developed governments of the world aspire to colonizing planets we have to prepare for the export of sodomy to other worlds -- to the entire universe!

I think it's time for us Christians to flip open our communicators.  Beam me up Scotty.

It's like satan, a rabid dog, sunk his fangs deep into the donkey flesh of our nation's government.  And now the deranged ass is infecting other nations.

What can be done?

Coach Dave told me this week that he has a clip of conservative talker Michael Savage saying that the only force capable of saving America is a militant Christianity.

I wrote about this back in 2006.  I was commenting on the Marine hero, Chesty Puller, who compared a militant Catholic chaplain to a weak Protestant one.

I wrote:
It is instructive to remember that it was protestantism that provided the moral and intellectual muscle that both nourished the American Revolution, and saved us from the excesses of the French Revolution. Now look at us. We can't even agree that sodomy and baby killing are sinful. Pathetic.
Protestantism is completely irrelevant today because all it can do now is "help the wounded." Our churches are full of whiners who are always crying for the pastor to heal them. We keep ourselves so busy comforting our every hurt that we don't have time to organize and speak righteousness to a fallen and increasingly pagan West.
I don't blame people for not going to church, especially men. There is no integrity there. The Bible is full of righteousness, truth, judgment and strength. Yet, all we hear from our pastors is how important it is to adopt the right "tone and style" with our enemies. Jesus said that we should love our enemies. He didn't say we shouldn't have any.
We love our enemies when we fight their unrighteousness, when we call sin ... well ... sin. That is love. It IS loving to get mad about homosexuality in the schools. It is loving to fight legalized abortion. It is loving to preach PUBLICALLY against drinking. It is loving and Christian for a nation to ban gambling.
Make no mistake. When a lesbian activist in charge is telling a father in Lexington, Massachusetts that the elementary school can promote the idea of homosexual households to his seven year old son in the name of the law it is clear that we are engaged in a culture war the likes of which this country has never seen. Folks, we are up to our eyeballs in a culture war.
Either the forces that wish to go the whole way and emasculate our children will win, or we will. There is no middle ground. Decent people everywhere are going to have to unplug the fake Madonna who now crucifies herself on a mirrored cross for money. Good people must renew their interest in the real Madonna.
If they don't, then the nation is truly lost. America will be dead.
The America of Chesty men may be gone forever. The America of youthful, virile and patriotic pastors may be gone. But I don't think so.
I'm so thankful for Linda Harvey and Mission America.  There's a woman of whom men can be proud.  Linda should inspire us.

She left a successful career in marketing years ago to take up this cause.  Like all the militant truth tellers I've befriended she's met with her share of shocking sacrifices and brutal surprises along the way.

But she has stayed true to her Mission America.  She produces a radio show, and she has authored a book that I am reading.  I highly recommend it for parents and grandparents who are thinking about this issue.  Every church needs to prominently feature this book in it's library.

And, folks, it's not getting any easier to tell the truth about sodomy.  Even conservative evangelicalism is amping up advocacy for all things "gay."  I'm told by Americans for Truth that there is a pro-homosexual conference planned for early June in Atlanta, Georgia.  Evanjellyfish from all over America are coming together to learn how to power up their assault on common sense.

While my son and I were in Seattle, Washington recently I talked with an old friend.  She told me of a Christian acquaintance of hers who will probably speak at the conference.  Her acquaintance promotes homosexuality as a moral sexual alternative for Christians.  She is motivated by the tragic suicide of her drug-addled sexually-deviant son.

This mom thinks that early and frequent exposure of youth to the idea that it is evil to "discriminate" against "gays" will head off suicide. Jesus certainly doesn't agree.  He condemns all sex outside of marriage, and isn't kind to adults who work to corrupt their imaginations.

And the idea (ESPECIALLY AMONG CHRISTIANS) that any kind of sex outside of holy matrimony would be moral is unthinkable.

Humans die from rabies unless they are given the vaccine before the symptoms appear.  Paul the apostle points out in his letter to Roman Christians that you can tell when a nation has become a walking corpse when it has endorsed perverted sex.

Is it too late for America to take the vaccine?

Are the symptoms of judgment evident?

My wife and I will join with Coach Dave in a Solemn Assembly on the steps of the Supreme Court on June 14, 2015 in hopes that it is not too late.  One thing is for sure.  We must repent, turn from our wicked ways and appeal to heaven.  The politicians sure aren't going to save us.


  1. Mr. Heath, this sort of over-the-top hysterical rant is generally considered to be a pretty reliable indicator that mankind has already been to Uranus. So on to the other planets!!!

  2. Jesus accepted everybody & never rejected anybody.
    If you can't follow him, then don't. But you shouldn't call yourself "Christian", because you aren't.