Friday, February 6, 2009

Meeting with the Democratic leader of the Senate, Phil Bartlett

Yesterday I spent fifteen minutes with Senator Phil Bartlett and his Chief of Staff. It was an enjoyable first meeting. I am making the rounds as the Legislature gets started. I am meeting with leadership for fifteen minutes each. I have a meeting coming up with Senator Libby Mitchell. She is the President of the Senate.

I introduced the Senator to the Maine Family Policy Council's mission which is to elect honest and competent public officials, create good laws and provide for their impartial enforcement and educate all the people of Maine in good citizenship. We are associated with Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family.

I mentioned to the Senator my upcoming second trip to Africa. Paulie and I are going to Tanzania to bring solar cookers and Jesus to needy folks in the bush. The Senator appeared supportive of such compassionate outreach.

We agreed to disagree about same sex marriage. The Senator supports Senator Damon's bill that will eliminate the institution of civil marriage in Maine.

I gave the Senator a lengthy document from the Family Research Council that outlines policy goals at the federal level. I told him that we agree with these policy objectives, as an associated Family Policy Council. He agreed to have his Chief of Staff review the document and be in touch if he sees some areas where we can collaborate for the common good of all Mainers.

All in all it was a positive meeting.