Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Militia? Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 5

Dan McGonicle
Last night, as we started our Pray for Truth Road Trip, Jared and I stopped at the Dyer Library in Saco,  Daniel McGonicle made a presentation on the constitutional militia.  He has written a book on the subject.  He bases his work on that of the constitutional scholar Edwin Viera.

I became interested in the idea of a militia when I visited with family in Switzerland over thirty years ago.  The father of the family was issued a rifle as a young man.  And he will remain obligated to protect his nation most of his adult years.

God is a Father.  As the Father of humanity He protects innocence and truth.  And His judgment, discipline and wrath are an essential theme in the Bible and Christianity.

All good fathers since the beginning of time have taken these duties seriously.

Dr. Wilson & Nita Hickam with Me
It was a delight to observe Mr. McGonicle devote great energy to these themes.  His argument on the need for a militia is based on America's constitution and law.  He believes that the federal standing army and national guard are a poor (and unlawful) substitute for the constitutional militia.

Jared and I went on from this informative time to visit with long-time friends.  Dr. Wilson Hickam and his wife Nita have influenced Paulie and I more than almost anyone else we've known.  Wilson presided at our wedding, and he ordained me.

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