Sunday, May 24, 2015

Resting quietly on the Sabbath: Pray for Truth Road Trip -- Part 7

A thought at the end of Luke 23 drew my attention a couple morning's ago.  One reason is that Paulie mentioned the importance of sabbath rest to me as we were talking on the phone earlier.  The verse says, "They rested quietly on the sabbath, as commanded."

My 25 year old son, Jared, and I are listening through the New Testament while we drive from Maine to Washington state. We finished the gospels that same day.

The verse above brings closure to Luke's account of the crucifixion.  I like the idea that on the day following this emotional and profoundly violent event God's order delivered peace and rest.  Sunday is our culture's sabbath.  The Bible says that our heavenly Father rested from his work of creation on the seventh day.  We are called to follow His example.
Jared looking at Old Faithful today.
God is Faithful.

We are an impulsive, emotional and frantic people.  This characteristic of our society worsens the further we stray from God's design for the flow of our days, weeks and months.

Women rested on the day Luke mentions. They had just witnessed the gruesome murder of Jesus the day before.  Yet, the scripture reports that they "rested quietly ... as commanded."

It is most important, perhaps, to follow God's design for the use of our time when we feel we can least afford it.  I'm sure that the women mentioned by Luke felt pressed and emotional.  Activity would have been tempting.

They didn't give into their weakness.  They followed God's direction.

And so should we.

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