Saturday, May 9, 2015

Girlie Fighters

Years ago I met the Coach.  I remain impressed with his direct Christian approach.  He started a recent column, "Christian leadership is soft. They think that talking and praying constitutes ‘fighting’. War, to them, is arguing with Juan Williams on Fox News, when in fact, words mean nothing. Words are the weapons of girlie fighters."

Girlie fighters.  Yea, he said that.

After quoting James Dobson's now infamous quote about the failure of the pro family movement
“We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action. We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles."
the Coach names names, "So now, they say it is time to disobey. WE WILL NOT OBEY! I hear them bombasting in regard to their anticipated defeat in the Supreme Court’s homo-marriage decision. Really? They are going to go to jail? James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Matt Staver, Franklin Graham, Jerry Johnson, Rick Santorum, Keith Fornier, Rick Scarborough—they’re willing to go to jail? REALLY?"

I've met some of these men personally.  I spent twenty years leading the "pro family" movement as Executive Director of Maine's Christian Civic League.  I attended the conferences at posh resorts like Breckenridge in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.  I was sincere and passionate and met many Christian men and women who were the same.

Having given my youth to public Christian leadership in the pro family movement I cannot reject it all.  It is part of me.  I am part of it.

But Coach makes a keen observation in the column.
While these “pro-family” leaders have been living in luxury and attending meetings with the ‘kings’ in Washington, many of my friends are miles ahead of these fellows. I have friends who have been arrested hundreds of times and have spent months in jail in defense of their unborn brothers and sisters. Jail is nothing new to those who truly defy anti-god edicts. Funny, it was some of the same folks who now claim that they ‘WILL NOT OBEY’ who actually criticized my friends for defying a government that says that pre-born baby-murder is legal. After all, God ordained the government. Government is good. Read Romans 13. Remember?
I've always had a soft spot for men and women who go to the street with their Christian convictions.  Among my heroes in Maine is Professor Terry Hughes, the Iceman.  I've helped him make his autobiography available online.  You can read it for free.

Professor Terry Hughes
When Terry was a professor at UMO he would stand holding an abortion victim sign every Wednesday at the Student Union.

Men like Terry and those Coach mentioned above fulfill Christianity's promise.  God the Father is the author of Justice.  Mankind cannot create it.  The Bible shows us the way.  Where would we be without the prophets?

Since leaving the League God has taken me out to the streets to meet more of the men and women who go there with their Christian convictions.  I like them, a lot.  I want to spend more time with them.  I want to become more like them because they are most like the people I read about in the Bible.  And I like the people I read about in the Bible.

I'm afraid that our institutional approach to Christianity is destroying what is best about it.  Christianity has ceded her power and authority to the governments of the west.  The good news is that the surrender isn't complete, and it never will be.  God will never stop sending prophets to proclaim the truth.

Enlivening Truth like this from the Psalms:
Why the big noise, nations?
Why the mean plots, peoples?
Earth-leaders push for position,
Demagogues and delegates meet for summit talks,
The God-deniers, the Messiah-defiers:
“Let’s get free of God!
Cast loose from Messiah!”
Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing.
At first he’s amused at their presumption;
Then he gets good and angry.
Furiously, he shuts them up:
“Don’t you know there’s a King in Zion? A coronation banquet
Is spread for him on the holy summit.”
Let me tell you what God said next.
He said, “You’re my son,
And today is your birthday.
What do you want? Name it:
Nations as a present? continents as a prize?
You can command them all to dance for you,
Or throw them out with tomorrow’s trash.”
So, rebel-kings, use your heads;
Upstart-judges, learn your lesson:
Worship God in adoring embrace,
Celebrate in trembling awe. Kiss Messiah!
Your very lives are in danger, you know;
His anger is about to explode,
But if you make a run for God — you won’t regret it! -- Psalm 2 (Message) 
I'm wondering if you would join with me in prayer.  For now God has me driving a van for a government welfare agency.  I do it for $20,000 a year.  Maybe God would replace that income with donations to Helping Hands Ministries.  If He did that I could devote myself full-time to His fight for Righteousness.

For example, if I didn't have to spend 50 hours a week in the KVCAP Van I could devote my time to the following ministry projects:

  1. Supporting my wife's music, speaking and online ministry.
  2. Planning and promoting my upcoming Pray for Truth Road Trip with my son Jared.
  3. Providing more assistance to the many ministries and Christian businesses who have asked me to help them in various ways.
  4. Do more writing and speaking.

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