Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bill Clinton is a Great Communicator

Bill Clinton helped Barack Obama when he gave his speech at the Democratic Convention.

His speech obviously moved and motivated the crowd. He brilliantly outlined a vision that all Americans will support, appealing to their fears and sense of insecurity. He will make us more secure by making us nicer on the national stage, and by using government programs to solve our problems here at home. Rich people and corporations are the enemy lurking just off stage.

Mr. Clinton is such an effective communicator that most people finished listening to him believing that he has no enemies, and no ideas with which a reasonable person can disagree.

I suppose this is one characteristic of a great political speech in such circumstances. The speech provided inspiration with few details. It provided a vision articulated in broad generalities.

If I didn't do what I do for a living I'd love the Democrats and Bill Clinton. His tone and style just make me feel really good inside, kind of like I felt as a young child ... safe and secure under the watchful eye of my parents.

If I want to put my faith in a more meddlesome government then I need to move in the Democrat direction. If I want to see Christianity increasingly hollowed out by moral relativism I need to think deeply about Bill Clinton's lofty ideas.

If, however, I choose to believe that abortion and homosexuality are a significant threat to our civilization, I will question Mr. Clinton's vision and priorities. Foreign policy and the economy are to the issues of home and hearth what Saturn is to Three Mile Pond. While Saturn is big, far away and bursting forth with Star Wars-like fantasy potential, the pond near my home is where I swim. I have dreams about the pin prick in the night sky that is Saturn. I immerse myself in Three Mile Pond. I dream about peace with all nations. I snuggle into bed after 26 years of marriage with the mother of my three sons who were not aborted, and who now anticipate snuggling with their wives after they fall in love and get married.

Mr. Clinton is one of the best speech makers I've ever heard. He is still a man and his morals, character and policy positions on social issues matter. He is right to care about struggling Americans. Both political parties work to address our concerns.

Politics won't save us, and political ideology shouldn't tuck us in at night. Politics shape and mold our culture and nation. Because the U.S. is so powerful our politics also shape and mold the world.

Mr. Clinton closed his speech declaring God's blessing on America.

Good for him.

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