Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some sort of chicken little

A newcomer to politics characterized the ministry I lead as appearing homophobic recently. Calling the Christian Civic League of Maine a sort of chicken little the candidate for the Legislature wrote, "There appears to be some sort of 'chicken little' homophobic emotion underlying your behaviors."

I don't think this is the case.

He admits that Maine's liberal mainstream media is the source for his harsh and unfair judgment of the conservative century old Christian ministry.

I believe this candidate is just as wrong as many in the Mainstream Media. No ministry in Maine is more loving than the League. No courage is required to support abortion and homosexuality in Maine. None. It takes true grit to publicly object to immoral sex, and that is the behavior that is at issue here -- not the League's. The men and women who shape our politics have placed us in this predicament. They believe that Christianity's deficiencies are healed by bisexuality's sufficiency? Not hardly.

It is only a matter of time before the conflict boils over. Liberals who are teaching 7 year olds to appreciate lesbianism are doing my work for me. The only direction for this social experiment is down. The end will be conflict, unless God's grace prevails.

Everyday I thank God for the restraining power of the Holy Spirit. The most forgiving, gracious and decent people I meet are Christians who hold to a conservative view on sexual morality. They are victimized daily in Maine. In the workplace they are silenced. Their speech is increasingly censored. They are ridiculed. Their beliefs are trashed. Their historic churches are taken over, destroyed and closed.

Yet, they relentlessly believe. They fiercely love. They humbly forgive. They are God's people.

The gay totalitarians will lose. The only question is when and how. Will their experiment cost us our civilization? It wouldn't be the first time in history.

One last point regarding emotion. This debate CAN be reasonable. It is possible for those who disagree to reason together. While it may make the candidate who is quoted above feel better about his argument to characterize the League as emotional, the truth remains the same. Homosexuality is unreasonable. That has nothing to do with emotions. Male bodies don't fit together. That is a fact.

It is unreasonable to force them to fit together, regardless of how one feels about it. It may be Christophobic to suggest otherwise.

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