Friday, September 12, 2008

Enjoying the beauty of D.C.

Paulie and I were blessed by a friend of our oldest son last night. He gave us tickets to hear the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center. We would have been thrilled with second tier seats. However, it was a real treat to listen to beautiful classical music from a box seat in the center of the cavernous concert hall. This picture was snapped on the terrace of the Kennedy Center last night just before the concert. On this day seven years ago a jet flew just behind where we are standing. It exploded into the Pentagon just behind Paulie's head. The picture was taken by an older gentleman. He and his wife were in D.C. visiting the WWII Monument, and other historic sites. They are from Tennessee. They looked to be in their eighties. He still works in the nuclear weapons program at Oak Ridge as a nuclear engineer. It was delightful to make their acquaintance.

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