Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is there a Sarah Palin in Maine

I'm pictured here in front of the Ten Commandments that are posted at the front door of the Hermon Baptist Church. Paulie and I spent Saturday afternoon at their corn roast. Many men came up to me and thanked me for the League's stand. When Sarah Palin was mentioned there was clapping and VERY visible excitement.

Sarah Palin's nomination has me wondering if there is someone like her in Maine. There is no doubt that there are plenty of strong evangelical Christian moms here. They serve on PTAs, love sports and eat moose stew. Maybe there's a head selectwoman somewhere out there who could become our next Governor. Who knows.

It sure would be refreshing.

Sarah's pro family credentials are what has turned a morose Republican campaign into something vibrant and interesting. The lip stick sure looks good on this pit bull of a campaign!

Augusta is controlled by socially liberal special interests and money. What is needed is someone, a man or a woman, to come here as Governor who is truly socially conservative. If they are pro-family they will make the business-minded special interests happy. That is guaranteed.

This formula will do for Maine what Sarah Palin did for Alaska, and is likely to do when she goes to Washington D.C. According to all the accounts I'm reading from regular people in Alaska she went to Juno and cleaned house. That is what's needed in Augusta. She is loved by the people, and hated by the politicians.

I find that reformers like Sarah who go to the Legislature end up silenced within a year, for the most part. There are exceptions. But, that tends to be the rule. Maine isn't stuck in this ditch because there aren't conservatives in the legislature. We are stuck here because they are overwhelmed. They do what they can, but there aren't enough of them ... and the conservative public is disengaged.

Perhaps the energy price shock is going to shake this up. I pray this is the case.

More big government is not going to help. More welfare, largesse and Augusta solutions aren't going to make Maine strong.

We need a reformer like Sarah Palin!


  1. Maine had its own crew of Sandra Palins over a decade ago. They were representatives in the legislature and were known as "The Four Blondes". They met daily in prayer before most legislative sessions. They were;

    Sue Kasperszak (Pardon me if the spelling is incorrect.)
    Deb Plowman
    Pat Lane
    Joan Meres

    Back then they were all famous for pointed one liners as Sarah is today.

    Only Deb Plowman remains in the legislature today. Deb has taken many strong principled stands in the legislature, but is best known for her advocacy for Maine's foster children.

    Roger Ek

  2. Yes there is a woman like that. . .her name is Paulie Heath.