Friday, September 12, 2008

Lou Dobbs Praises Religious Right

Lou Dobbs, the famous CNN media personality quipped that he will be in trouble with the liberal media is they find out that he is here at the Values Voter Summit. He was just introduced by Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council.

Paulie and I are blogging, as you can see from this picture, from New Media Row at the Summit.

Dobbs indicates that the voice of Christian Americans is important, and that it needs to be heard. He praised Tony for his manner of relating to him. Dobbs believes that Values Voters must work on issues beyond the sex-related moral issues of abortion and homosexuality. He urged the enthusiastic crowd to view financial issues as equally important.

Dobbs argues that three billion dollars of special interest spending is silencing the voice of the majority. He believes that democracy is at risk because of this threat.

He describes himself as an independent populist. He says that the national media is liberal in its tone and content.

He mentioned the nomination of Sarah Palin as illustrative of that liberalism. He described her treatment by the national media and celebrities as "savaging" Palin.

Dobbs confessed anger at Keith Oberman for attacking not only himself, but his children.

He is quite concerned about Values Voters being aligned too closely with just two or three issues. "Reach beyond what the ideologues expect of you," he said. He urged Values Voters to engage with passion and gusto.

The crowd that fills the large conference hall gave Dobbs a standing ovation.

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