Thursday, September 25, 2008

The nation will right itself if it fixes sex

We are all rightly concerned about the nation's financial situation today. Our crisis is a symptom, not the cause.

Ruth Graham told her husband Billy years ago that God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if He doesn't judge America. They were reflecting on a list of sinful conditions existing in our nation in the 1960s. Things have only deteriorated since then.

I am not saying I know whether this financial crisis is God's judgment or not. It is not for me to know that definitively. Graham's observations are instructive, however.

If Maine's politicians really want to get serious about making Maine strong in light of this national crisis they will do the following immediately:
  1. Put Maine on record as being against abortion the nanosecond the Supreme Court releases the Roe shackle.
  2. Defund the Family Planning Association of Maine.
  3. Amend Maine's Constitution to define Marriage.
  4. Eliminate domestic partnerships and ignore pleas to create civil unions.
  5. Unleash Maine's private sector to make Maine energy independent.
  6. End discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.
If we did that in 2009 I think God would crack a smile.


  1. hmm...weren't all six of those items in place prior to and continuing through the Great Depression? To me, it would seem that they are irrelevant to the current financial crisis.

  2. I think that this calls for a more in depth explanation, a graph, maybe some sort of flowchart to illustrate how exactly homosexuality and abortion result in the economic debacle unleashed by the raw greed and selfishness of the people running the financial sector (which, in a turn of delicious irony, are pretty much the same people that are rallying against homosexuality and abortion)

    Are you going to back up your sanctimonious statements with some substance Mike, or are you happy just floating this indistinct intolerance out there for others to take and run with?

  3. "your comment will be visible after approval"

    that'll be a cold day in hell, eh Mike?

  4. You have got to be kidding me you think that GAYS are the reason for this? I think God "cracks a smile" thinking how silly His followers have become.

  5. End discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.

    What on earth does that even mean ?

  6. I think this IS a judgment from God. He's sick of you religious nuts and this is payback. He's tired of you nuts using His name in vain while you attempt to tell people what He wants, as if you have a clue. Kinda funny how these National Crisis' tend to happen when the person in charge is a religious fundamentalist, huh?

  7. This brings to mind a very sad news story from a few years back where a tornado came up on a Southern Baptist Church so fast and unexpectedly that the congregation had no time to evacuate to shelter; and as the church was literally blown apart with their families in it, several little girls died. The inescapable conclusion was that God hates Southern Baptists, and is particularly wrathful about the training of innocent little girls to be raised as Fundamentalist Christian Church Ladies.

    But, every year, tornados kill hundreds of people and destroy thousands of buildings. Couldn't it just be the random, capricious nature of storms that cause these deaths and damage?

    The answer is No!

    Follow this URL to Page 7 and you will see an official government report documenting a large storm in the Southeast USA which hit the Goshen United Methodist Church in 1994 right in the middle of Palm Sunday services, killing twenty people. This pattern of repeated Old Testament Vengeance is Our Lord and Savior shouting unequivocally at us and showing that HE will not tolerate the Abomination of Fundamentalist Christians performing disgusting ritual sacrifices in front of women and innocent children. No, HE will strike them down in Wrath as he did unto the Sodemites in Gomorrah.

    There will be no moderation of the persistent tornadoes in the Southern United States of America until Fundamentalist Christianity is stamped out completely. Christianity is an insidious evil which has crept through our society and brought the Wrath of God down upon us all.

    If you are so deeply steeped in your own pompous religiosity that you believe that you can attribute the present financial crisis to the granting of equal civil rights to all US citizens, then I'll just keep on believing that every time God blows down a Fundamentalist Christian Church and kills a few little girls for good measure, it's because he hates your guts.

    I wonder which of us is "Right"?

  8. How would God crack a smile?

    I guess you believe He has a mouth then.

    What does He use his mouth for besides smiling - to eat Heavenly food? Fast food?

    Why would God need to eat if He's omnipotent? Maybe He just wants to feel normal, like His creations?

    It's amazingly sad and pathetic how people who are religious and believe in a god are so quick to blame anyone and everyone else for the world's woes.

    I want you to realize that, from my point of view, the way you and your kind think is no different from a caveman. That is not intended to be an insult. It's the truth.

  9. You've failed to provide any solid link between the financial situation and the private sex lives of American citizens.

    All you have is some "God did it!" voodoo economics, and some hints at what looks like a call for more of the same deregulation that is behind the current crisis.

    After all the housing bubble bursting couldn't have anything to do with predatory lending. It's obviously due to the completely unrelated sexual practices going on in people's homes.

    We're running out of energy and can't support everybody, that must be because too many babies are being aborted and our population isn't growing fast enough to completely overwhelm the planet. And how dare anybody try to prevent these pregnancies in the first place when we can shame and condemn people to make ourselves feel better.

  10. Even contemplating whether of not the financial crisis is a result of gays is extraordinary.
    We in Australia have just had a much loved Baptist college teacher killed by lightning. So were his co-worker and three others. It wasn't God's judgement. God doesn't judge anybody or anything. God does not exist. It was just bad luck.
    The Bible is not pro-life. If you think it is, you haven't read it well enough. If anything, it glorifies infanticide, an actual crime, unlike abortion.
    I really feel sorry for you, seeing God's hand in just about everything.
    Roger Scott

  11. Wow. you are going to hell. Idiot.

  12. obvious, it's not because of subprime lending by federally sponsored institutions that led to horrible malinvestment.

    It was the gay mafia all along. They're getting as powerful as the jews.

  13. I forgot to add this. The electrocuted Baptist teacher was a father of four. His wife is 8 months pregnant with their fifth child.
    I just hope his widow doesn't spend the rest of her life asking in anguish why a loving god killed her husband. There is no god, loving or otherwise.
    Matter and energy interacted in such a way as to terminate the chemical reactions which constitute life as we understand it. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

  14. He should give a big ol' belly laugh at how ridiculous and bigoted any of those ideas is.

  15. "Oh no, teh gays and abortionists are causing financial crisis!"

    What nonsense.

  16. How come God always agrees with whatever Christian is speaking for him?

    I mean, come on, homeschooling and Maine's private sector? Those are important issues for God?

  17. abortion, gay marriage and religious schools is a cause of the financial situation???

    You are kidding right??
    Talk about twisted logic.

  18. You crazy jesusfreaks are the reason this once-great country is now in this mess. We need forward-thinking to get to the future, but christians are so sucked-in to their rapture idea, they don't care about 50 or more years in the future. We need to break our dependancy on Oil, from here or from abroad, as we are running out. You live by a set of rules that was made 1800 years ago, by some people who never even knew Jesus of Nazarath, if he even existed. Remember, there are no first-hand accounts that he did. There is nothing with a homosexual. There is no standard set to living. Most christians tend not to throw their backwards beliefs in peoples faces, then some go and shoot up a mall. Most Muslims worship five times a day and fast like normal 'good' Muslims do, then a small group crashes two planes into a building. Branching off, most Japanese people are normal people, then some go and make sex dolls. While they're well within their right, it is kind of weird. Christians need to evolve. Preferably into extinction.

  19. Maybe you and I can have sex together?
    --A Boy

  20. Maybe God would crack a smile but Jesus would smack you along side the head and remind you that God created EVERYBODY just the way they are. That includes nutcakes, if you get the drift.

  21. Michael Hawkins - AugustaOctober 1, 2008 at 6:07 PM

    You've been mentioned on several blogs. Here's where I found you.

    The most likely reason for you being mentioned is that bigots, such as yourself, tend to roil the blood of the less hateful among us.

  22. This is the most foolish thing I think I've seen come out of my home state in years. Geese Mike, you only got 5,000 signatures, falling short of the 15,000 you were trying to get, for your foolish initiative to block gay rights and thus, your plan went down the tubes. You'd think if so many Mainers supported you, you'd be able to scrape up 15,000 signatures and some bucks. Maybe your dismal failure in that regard should tell you something. If you want to talk scripture, I'm happy to do it. We can go through Leviticus to Paul's letters to Deuteronomy and I can show you why you're wrong. By the way, ever have a Maine lobster? Leviticus says it's a bad thing. Should a widowed woman with no sons sleep with her late husband's brothers? It's there too. And I'm guessing you've worn a cotton-poly blend shirt in your day. That's banned as well. Oh, and should a bride who isn’t a virgin be stoned to death? Really, yes or no. That’s the problem when you speak in absolutes about one part of the Bible (and really, Mike, there’s only about 7 verses that touch upon homosexuality out of a million, and none of those apply to homosexuality as it’s practiced today). You need to be consistent. Christ would disapprove of all you stand for, in light of your righteous and judgmental posturing. Fortunately, it appears nobody takes you seriously

  23. I am outraged at Mr Heaths' comments. If you are going to condemn gay unions in America, why not then condemn the other abominations against your god. leviticus 11:6,7 not to eat rabbit or pork; lev 11:10,11 not to eat lobster,crab mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops. Lev 12..A woman shall not enter a church for 40 days after giving birth to a son and 66 days after giving birth to a daughter.Lev 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.lev 19:23 any fruit tree you plant can only be eaten after the fourth year. lev 19:27 do not cut the hair around the edge of your face ,nor cut your beard. lev 20:10 adulterers and adulteress shall be put to death. The bible also condemns divorce and pre marital sex and birth control of any kind. I find the hypocrisy overwhelming. Now, if you want to deny people their civil rights within the walls of your congregation, then that is your prerogative. If your beliefs deny gay marriage, then don't perform them. It is suppose to be a personal relationship with God. And I wish you people would keep it personal. Keep your noses out of other peoples lives. There are multitudes of Americans that don't share your beliefs. Have respect for them and their beliefs. When you can follow ALL the laws and tenants of your own bible , then and only then can you tell others how to live. Thank you

  24. oh, and BTW, this financial crisis was caused by one of your other deadly sins...GREED

  25. Preach it! I've been meaning to punish America, but I'm just now getting around to it.

  26. This is the reason America is in trouble, because of stupid people like this. God is punishing America is the reason for the financial crisis? I'm pretty sure its actually the terrible mortgages and awful government policies that has America's economy in the toilet.

  27. Do you know why there is no comments here? Why comment on continued bigotry? You, sir are just that. A bigot. However, I cannot and will not judge you further as you seem to have been taken many years ago by your religion. I do not portend to act on organizations that have no place in our government, in any way.

    I respect your need for a deity, but please respect mine for not needing one.

  28. Uh...yeah. All those sinner gay sodomite fairy types mystically ruined America's financial sector...along with hurricane Katrina, the SE Asian Tsunami and the Russian invasion of Ossetia and Georgia. Y'know, I'm sure I saw rainbow symbols and cunning color co-ordination on those Russian T-80 main battle tanks, come to think of it.

  29. You have serious issues and I'm worried about your mental health. I would ask you to see a physciatrist in order to help you to resolve these.

  30. God would crack a smile if we continued to subjugate LBGT's? Wow, God's a sociopath.

    Furthermore, it's interesting that you claim not to know it's God's judgement, considering you've given no other reason for these things being the gay peoples' fault, besides mentioning God. Repeatedly.

    ~The Voithe of Reathon Hath a Lithp~