Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paulie greets Mike Huckabee

Tonight we went for a long walk in our nation's capitol city. Last year when I was hear for the Values Voter Summit I jogged down by the White House every morning.

Tonight I took Paulie for a walk on my jogging "path." We went over to Barnes and Noble to see if Julian Stockwin's latest novel was available. We learned that it isn't scheduled for publication until October. That was a disappointment.

But we did get to spend my birthday gift certificate on "Sarah" a thin paperback that just jumped in price to nearly $20 bucks for some reason. Can't imagine why! It is a short biography of Sarah Palin that was written before it was known that she was going to be the Republican Vice Presidential pick.

When we left the bookstore Paulie got the urge to find the FoxNews Washington office. We were hoping to see the end of Brit Hume's show, which we watch in the evening. We didn't find it ... but, on our way back up Connecticut Avenue who should walk right in front of us going into a building? Mike Huckabee. We are both fans. Paulie stopped him and I snapped the picture.

It was a fun and eventful walk! Meetings start tomorrow.

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