Friday, November 14, 2008

The shot barely heard next door

Everyone has heard of the shot heard around the world. Nobody heard the shot fired by Rev. Doty and his companions yesterday. Rev. Mark Doty wants the world to know about a grave injustice. It seems that some people can't get married.

Doty doesn't care that mothers can't marry their sons. He isn't concerned the law doesn't allow daughters to marry their grandfathers. It doesn't even bother him that a man can't have two or more wives.

So what is the good Reverend's challenge?

The Right Reverend is upset -- what my wife and I would call twitterpated -- because men can't marry men. Rev. Doty is on a crusade to right this horrible wrong. He simply must guarantee that little two year old Sally is guaranteed the opportunity to not grow up with a father because two women decide they are in "love."

Thank God that everybody in Maine knows better than to listen to a man simply because he put a Rev before his name.

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