Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts on tomorrow's BIG *yawn* hearing

On Wednesday the Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary will hold a public hearing on Senator Dennis Damon's proposal to end civil marriage. Twenty years ago I said it would come to this. I said that the gay rights movement wouldn't be satisfied until they destroyed marriage. Many people, even supporters, didn't believe it.

Now I find that even supporters are wondering why we don't just give up on civil marriage and allow everyone to define the marriage institution for themselves. There is so much opinion and confusion swirling on this matter that it has become impossible to make any sense of it all. The normal person stands to the side in bewilderment and shock.

The whole matter is more like a circus now than reasoned discourse. That is, of course, because reason has nothing to do with what is happening here. This is about selfishness, politics and power, that's all.

The ministry I lead, the Maine Family Policy Council, has an exciting path ahead. With over a century of faithful and courageous public service to build on, the ministry anticipates adding a new layer of pro-family effectiveness and activity. I am eager to lead us into this exciting era. I am so enthusiastic about it, in fact, that I'm going to devote myself to building for the future instead of beating my head against the wall of this latest itiration of the homosexual agenda -- what some call "same sex marriage," and what I prefer to call sodomy-based marriage for my phrase puts the emphasis where it belongs ... on behavior.

I will be at the hearing tomorrow. Everyone knows what I think after two decades of public coverage of my views on this matter. My convictions, like those of the majority of Mainers, aren't evolving on sexual morality and marriage, and they never will.

We have such joyous possibilities all around us. The public obsession with promiscuous sex is wearing thin.


  1. So you complain that homosexuals (men, specifically) want to have marriages based upon sodomy (because straight couples don't do that), yet you complain of "promiscuous sex". I wonder if you recognize the conflict here.

  2. I AM NOT YOUR ENEMYMay 4, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    How sad that you spend your life this way, and that, for all your exposure to the Bible, you haven't filled that emptiness inside yourself, an emptiness that shows in your photo.
    Meanwhile, the gay community, hammered by the Epidemic, and now barrels of money from big churches all over the country, not only continues to delight in its own development but gains new supporters every time someone like you opens his mouth.
    I can't believe Jesus doesn't have room in his heart for you. But the question that arises is, do you have enough room in your heart for Jesus?

  3. With all the time you spend preaching hate, there is no doubt that you will be judged harshly by the powers you believe in. How do you look at yourself in the mirror every day and not get sick?