Monday, June 1, 2009

George Tiller is dead

Shot down in church while ushering. Such was the end for George Tiller, the famous abortion doctor from Kansas. Tiller made a name for himself by killing late term babies. Now, his murder puts him on the same list as Matthew Shephard. The high-profile murder should help pass the "hate crimes" law that is moving through Congress. Nobody thinks Tiller should have been murdering babies. Nobody thinks Tiller should have been murdered. That should be the end of it.

Alas, now all of us who really do hate ... sin ... will have to contend with a public relations driven tsunami of hype aimed at getting us to prove we hate violence. The only thing I hate more than physical violence is spiritual and moral violence.

Abortion would have been resolved years ago, or it may never have become an issue, if people told one another the truth. We pretend abortion isn't about the killing of innocent human beings so that we can be relieved of the consequences of sexual sin. We do the same with all things "gay."

More and more people are growing weary of the game. Sex outside of marriage is a dead end. The Playboy culture is wearing thin. We're bored by it. Especially now that our children and grandchildren are forced by this perverted culture to look more like pierced pagans than the lovely creatures God created them to be.

The end to this fascination with sexual perversion can't come soon enough for me. I'm afraid it is likely we will be dealing with more, not less, violence before this religious conflict plays itself out.


  1. Heath you are a peice of garbage. Pro family pro life crowd willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them? You sir will burn in hell.

  2. You have some serious issues, Mike. You're cobbling together all the issues which are important to you. You need to realize that just because these are hot button issues in your head, it doesn't mean they are related. You're having a conversation with yourself it seems. See this for what it is: religiously motivated murder. Indeed, religion provides a terrible framework for morality when it can so easily be subverted for evil.

    And your notions about sex are frankly weird. No one should be taking moral advice on sexual behavior from a man raised in a sexually repressive environment. It's unhealthy (not to mention none of your business, anyway).

  3. Is a woman being raped and then being forced to have that baby because you have done away with abortion equivalent to a drunk teenager not using a condom? Are they both equal sinners?
    And are you ready to have every ill-conceived child be brought into the world to suffer from the myriad of things that are there in these "accidents"--single motherhood, poverty, violence, drug abuse?

    During the first trimester, a child in the womb has far less intelligence, self-awareness, or personhood than the cow who was killed to give you steak for dinner. Would you rather that child be brought up in a horrible environment, perhaps sexually or physically abused, be deprived of necessities due to poverty, and be raised by a parent who didn't want him and who would view him as a burden?

    You seem to hint that Dr. Tiller's brutal murder was fully justified. That's exactly what you think, isn't it, except you can't say it directly...and people do tell each other the truth about the "gay." The truth is, that science has long documented it to be a normal part of human sexuality. But science also documents that the world was not in fact created in 7 days and 7 nights. So please feel free to dismiss the decades of rigorous scientific research, 99.9% of which you wouldn't understand anyway, and hang on to your Biblical facts. That's what the Church did with Copernicus...

  4. To Mr. Heath & "Anonymous": I neither expect nor desire a lesson from Mr. Heath on the New Testament. The law is about civil marriages. My wife and I were married in such a way. I do however desire political discourse and since this nation does not extend favoritism to any religion, references to the New Testament, Torah, Qur’an, any other sacred text or religious dogma is impertinent.