Friday, May 1, 2009

A politician spoke on character last night

Chandler Woodcock ran for Governor last time. He was the Republican nominee. He lost. I wasn't surprised. He told me one time that demonstrations, like our Marriage Rally in 2004, were not effective or appropriate. He indicated they are unamerican and that civility and order would win the day. I felt at the time that this sort of timidity would lead to an electoral loss.

I agree with him partially. I would prefer to live in a society that honors reasoned discourse about important matters while stomping out evil and confusion.

He also discouraged me from trying to defund the pro homosexual civil rights team project suggesting that the funding is used appropriately at the local level.

I'm not, of course, supposed to print these thoughts because they were shared with me while I was lobbying. Nothing that is communicated between lobbyists and politicians is supposed to be reduced to print ... I've learned. This is especially true if you are talking with a politician who is mostly in agreement with your positions.

Silly me. I thought that politics was about openly debating competing ideas. I've learned it is really about the deals that take place in the halls between powerful players. I've never been willing to play that game. So, I guess I'm now not welcome in the State House.

When Chandler Woodcock was a Senator he signed a letter that basically said, "You're not welcome here any longer." I made the mistake of offending the homosexual lobby. They control the State House along with the gamblers and drinkers.

Don't believe me?

Senator Woodcock now draws a paycheck from the gamblers. He works for the Maine Harness Horseman's Association. The Harness Racing industry, once benignly associated with County Fairs, created Hollywood Slots earlier in this decade and benefits directly from the highly addictive gambling that goes on there. Hollywood Slots is Maine's first casino.

During one of my dark times a number of years ago, when I was being pummeled from all sides, the gambling lobby slipped me a contact in the telecommunications industry and urged me to call to seek a job. I had confessed to a prominent lobbyist for that "industry" that I was discouraged. I was really tempted to make the call, very seriously. I ultimately decided against it because of the source of the contact. God wouldn't let me go, alas. If I named the individual here I think I'd have to expedite getting my concealed weapons permit! A former executive director of our ministry was told by the State Police to carry a weapon. He had become a real thorn in the side of the gambling industry.

According to Augusta Republicans Senator Woodcock is qualified to teach the rest of us about character. The former English teacher and basketball coach, is by all local accounts, a respected man. My honesty about my interactions with him over the years have won me pretty universal disdain in the area where he has lived and worked, Farmington. Most churches won't have me speak over there anymore. The new leader of the Republican Party, Charlie Webster, is from Farmington. I'm sure he'd rather I didn't tell you that he met with me right after being elected chairman.

I never set out to make Senator Woodcock into an enemy. My unwillingness, however, to play the Republican and State House game has definitely hurt me.

I'm sorry, but as long as society and culture continue to coarsen I feel duty bound to speak out in every possible way. I honor the men and women who emotionally take up signs and posters with politically incorrect slogans emblazoned across them, especially conservatives these days. I see them as front line warriors for the first amendment.

I've always said in my conversations in the State House things that I wouldn't mind seeing on anyone's blog, or in a newspaper. Things would be so much better if we all always said what we meant, and meant what we said. There is far too much decided in private.

During my political career I have seen NO PROGRESS in the abortion and homosexual debate. And the future is even more grim. Maine Republicans talk openly about abandoning "social issues." God only knows what the Democrats are going to do to "inspire" their faithful now that they have given their homosexual activist base the capstone of their depraved agenda, marriage.

I've held back a lot of what has gone on in my career out of respect for forces that I once felt I might not fully understand. I no longer feel that way. It is clear to me that continuing in that mode will only guarantee more of the same.

You can count on me becoming more candid and forceful.

As much as I would like to think that I can learn something about character by attending the Augusta Republican gathering I regrettably feel it would be a waste of my time. I think character is about speaking truth to power. Unfortunately I just didn't see that character trait in Senator Woodcock.

To everyone reading this blog post ... nothing personal. I am writing about the people who decide our laws and public policy. These disciplines help shape our cultural values and the morals of future generations. I cannot sit by and watch our culture continue to slip away to God knows where.

I honor all the individuals who take up this difficult task.

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