Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An update on communications and the People's Veto

Thanks so much for all the supportive emails and phone calls. I still haven't had a chance to process them all. I haven't even started going through the tidal wave of emails I received offering to either sign or distribute petitions last week. I appreciate your patience. In the meantime here's a statement we put out this morning:
We are supporting the People's Veto petition drive. Robert Emrich and Marc Mutty filed an application with the Secretary of State to obtain petitions on May 7, 2009. We are willing to make petitions available to our folks if asked to do so. At this time we haven't been asked to distribute petitions by those who are responsible for them. The Secretary of State has ten business days from the date of filing to present a petition to the applicants.

Some are suggesting that we are running a "parallel effort." This is not the case. We are not running a parallel petition drive. There is one petition drive headed by co-chairmen Robert Emrich and Marc Mutty. They issued a press release on May 7, 2009 announcing their intention to take responsibility for the petition following their submission of application to the Secretary of State. It is unwise for more than one group to be leading this signature gathering effort. A parallel effort will unleash confusion.

I have also heard that there are "philosophical differences" between the MFPC and other folks who wish to defend traditional marriage. We support the People's Veto. There are no differences of any kind on that point, philosophical or otherwise. Having become intimately acquainted over the years with the sacrifices required of those who choose to take a common sense stand on this matter, we commend all groups and individuals who are defending traditional marriage.

Financial contributions to make it possible for the Maine Family Policy Council to support the People's Veto must be designated to the Marriage Matters in Maine Political Action Committee. They can be mailed to 70 Sewall Street, Augusta, Maine 04330. Make checks out to "Marriage Matters in Maine."

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