Saturday, March 27, 2010

Banquet's Days are Numbered

Homosexuals hold their annual banquet today at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland.  According to their website they started their crusade in 1984.  I stepped into the ring against them a couple years later.  Back then their favorite euphemism for sexual immorality was "sexual preference."  Over time they morphed their propaganda, and ultimately pushed "sexual orientation" into Maine's laws and culture.  "Orientation" offers a whiff of science ... they can't help themselves, it's an orientation, not a preference.  Poor gays.  We all feel sorry for them.

Can you imagine!?  Living your life crusading as a victim.  Alas, poor souls.

They've devoted all their immoral energies to this crusade all these years and they only have less than a half dozen companies willing to identify with them as heavy hitters.  That must hurt.

What's really sad is that their top sponsor is the University of Maine at Farmington.  They have to know that support from that source is running out.  The University system is in trouble financially.  News this week reveals that they are cutting degree programs and professors.  It will not be possible for the University system to justify ongoing financial support for sexual immorality next year at this time.  People are waking up to the reality of what these folks mean by "equality."  Their days are numbered.  The public is waking up and I'm excited about it.

Frankly, I'm shocked that UMF has gotten away with supporting the "queer" cause up to now.  I suspect it is because the President over there supports this cause.  Mainers have a deep respect for college presidents, and all those in authority.  It is sad when leaders abuse that trust.  The days of public patience with this tomfoolery are coming to an end.

One of the other four big hitters is a credit union.  The Five County Credit Union is a sponsor for some reason.  Now that I'm the President of the American Family Association of Maine I'm considering a boycott aimed at them.  They would seem to me to be a target of opportunity.  Time Warner is also a sponsor.  It is more difficult to target them because there are not many cable and internet service options in Maine.  Who knows, maybe we'll decide to target all five of the big hitters.

I won't do it without contacting the leadership of all the companies beforehand to ask for an explanation of their financial support and a promise that they won't support this cause ever again.  I'll publish that communication on this blog.  Stay tuned.

I'd love to get your input on this idea, and any other ideas you have for making a difference.  Send me an email at
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