Friday, March 5, 2010

Now it's about bathrooms?!

Remember when certain things were unmentionable.  It wasn't that you couldn't mention them.  You just didn't mention them because it didn't occur to you that you should think about them.  You know, issues like what defines a family and marriage.  Remember the days when there wasn't always emerging discontent over sex?

Now it's not enough for media and political leaders to feed the public a steady diet of "debate" about "gays."  The revolutionaries among us are going to assure that it is safe for boys to compete on girls sports teams, after they spend some time in the girl's locker room ... of course.

I know, I know.  Who am I to judge?  I'm supposed to be a good Christian and love everyone, no matter what they do.  All good Christians love GLBTQI people.  We don't hate.  And maintaining reasonable definitions of right and wrong about sexuality is definitely hateful.

On Monday of this week the Maine Human Rights Commission met in Augusta.  Late last year they met with radical homosexual leaders behind closed doors and cooked up a set of guidelines to assure that confused men and boys have access to women's restrooms and sports teams.  This bizarre activity drew little resistance, mostly because reasonable people find the whole discussion distasteful and weird.  It was also flying under the radar because the Commission was trying to pass the guidelines without a public hearing.

Some stalwart citizens objected and the Commission came to its senses.  They decided to hold a public hearing later this year.

Some Christian leaders stayed away from the work session (a public meeting where only commissioners and staff can speak) arguing that it wasn't important because the Commission is only making rules, not laws.  One leader in particular called on Christians to stay away, and suggested that citizens who showed up were not being politically prudent or thoughtful.

This confused and tragic political landscape exists because the Church is not speaking clearly about sin -- especially in the public arena.  Sex outside of marriage is simply wrong.  All of it, homosexual or otherwise.  No Christian can, in good conscience, support any law, guideline or policy that protects sexual sin.  I would argue that Christians of good will have an obligation to act on their knowledge about family formation, marriage and proper relations between men and women.  We must resist the aggressive politiking of the death culture that upholds the practice of abortion and homosexuality.

I commend Paul Madore and Bob Celeste for showing up on Monday.  Steve Martin brought a small group all the way down from Aroostook County.  These are all fine Maine citizens who deserve our full throated praise for their work on this emotional issue.  God bless you all!
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