Friday, October 31, 2014

Better Practice Saying Governor Michaud

James Fallows of the Atlantic makes an important observation in this article.

He observes that Cutler's release of his supporters to make a "strategic vote" and Angus King's immediate announcement that he would vote for Michaud shifts the fundamentals of this three way election.

Paul LePage defeated Cutler by just 10,000 votes four years ago.  He left the Democrat, Libby Mitchell, 100,000 votes behind.

The election is now Michaud's to lose.

LePage has run a typical establishment style Republican campaign.  He's ignored the issues that make the heart of his base beat.  This leaves him with tepid and cold support from the money people.  The Christians who take time to vote will cast their ballot for him because there's nobody else.  There is not, however, any momentum.  Nobody cares all that much.

And Christians are becoming increasingly uninvolved in politics as the country they love morphs into Sodom.  I don't blame them one bit.  A life is full of a limited number of money and minutes.  Christians are waking up and realizing that the fund raising letters are full of lies.  They know that candidates won't fight to end abortion and criminalize sodomy, no matter how many envelopes they lick.  They are walking away from churches and politics.  They should.

Christians properly prioritize these issues when they think about doing something political.  A nation that allows "doctors" to murder babies for convenience sake while it jams sodomy down the throats of vulnerable children is pure evil.  Christians don't recognize their nation.  And it disgusts them.

It is probably too late for America.  If it isn't, it will be men willing to fight evil who will save it.  Nothing else will do.

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