Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LePage Bests "Gay" Michaud as Repubs Gain Power in Legislature

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On a day when Republicans made significant gains nationally Mainers rejected the "conventional wisdom" of libs, progs and the media.  Voters gave outspoken Governor Paul LePage four more years in the State House.  He will have a Republican Senate and strengthened House of Representatives with whom to work for the next two years.

This is a hopeful sign for two reasons.
  1. The Republican Platform makes the Party officially pro life and pro marriage, even though it has demonstrated countless times an unwillingness to fight for these ideas.
  2. LePage's thinking isn't perverted on sexual morality.  Watch this youtube.  He knows sodomy is evil.

Democrats, on the other hand, are hopeless.

Unfortunately this gain for Republicans may end up being seen as a defeat for Christians.  Prominent powers within the party practically threw the ancient faith under the proverbial bus in order to appeal to what the media describes as the center, or moderates.

American culture is awash in sin.  History shows, however, that this can change overnight as a result of spiritual awakening and moral reform.  LePage's victory suggests that all may not be lost.  With almost no friends in high places he still captured nearly half the votes in a three way contest where he was outspent at least two to one.  This election was the most expensive in Maine history.

In the closing weeks of the campaign Maine watched their Governor's race become a national contest between New Jersey Governor/2016 Presidential hopeful Chris Christie and President Barack Obama.  Pro Life Christie came to Maine many times to stump for LePage.  Pro sodomy Obama came to Portland late last week for sodomite democrat Mike Michaud.  

Obama and "gayness" lost big yesterday.

It seems Putin isn't the only one giving the lame duck politician a spanking.  A majority of America's voters clearly aren't in his corner either.

Russia has been distinguishing itself lately as a culture unwilling to bend over for the sodomy movement.  Just this week the business community demonstrated impressive resilience.  A business dismantled an interactive memorial to Steve Jobs.  The business proclaimed, "In Russia, gay propaganda and other sexual perversions among minors are prohibited by law."

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