Monday, June 8, 2015

An Old Crow and a Cute Chick Live Here

Merica.  A sign in Jr's Garage.
The 2004 Honda Accord sedan that my wife and I drive was compromised by a couple annoying issues.  One of the issues was a non-functioning cruise control.  Another was an intermittent radio.  It worked sometimes, and didn't work other times.

I spent $150 to find out that the cruise control problem was a broken throttle body connector.  The Honda garage specifically described the problem and recommended putting in a new throttle body.  $700.  That seemed extreme to me, since they described the problem as a broken connector between the cruise control cable and the throttle body.

Reasoning that it was a mechanical problem, and knowing that my wife's brother is a genius with mechanical issues, I gave him a call.  He offered to take a look at it Saturday morning at 9.

George Jr. is an INDEPENDENT trucker, like his father.  They were partners in business until dad, George Sr., died a couple years ago.  While Jr. understandably took the passing of his father harder than some in the family, he bounced back quickly.  And like the man he was raised to be he kept right on truckin.

I spent the days leading up to Saturday morning looking forward to being with Jr.  I love to watch him work on cars.  He is good at it.  But more important to me -- and the part I enjoy the most -- he is passionate about it.  Over a lifetime he's been granted the blessing of being able to accumulate the tools he needs to get the job done.  This is a singular accomplishment because tools aren't cheap and INDEPENDENT truckin doesn't leave much disposable income.

Well, Jr. went to work on the car right at 9 am.  Within minutes he had unscrewed, pulled, twisted, dismantled, lighted and wrenched his way to the precise 1/4 inch wide spot on the throttle body that was the cause of the problem.  The top part of an embedded plastic fastener that secured the cable to the throttle body was no longer there.  Hence the cable was detaching from the throttle.

As I anticipated he would Jr. literally twisted his way, using his hardened dirty hands, to a brilliant and simple solution using a wire tie.  Failing to discover a way to use a wire tie he hit upon the idea of using a tool I'd never seen before to bore a groove into the remaining plastic.  Reasoning that the groove and tension from the throttle body spring could be relied upon to secure the cable he put his tool to work.

He was done with the fix in one hour.  I was $700 richer.  Jr. had fed his passion.  His hands were dirty.  And that was only the beginning.

As he was withdrawing from his workplace deep under the hood he noticed corrosion on the battery terminals.  He unbolted the battery cables and cleaned the battery posts.

Now the radio works.

I love Mike Rowe's work.  For many years he traveled America and spent time yucking it up with guys like George Jr.  He brought along a camera crew who filmed him working and bantering with the men and women who literally keep America running.  He called his show "Dirty Jobs."

Men like Jr. don't get the respect they deserve anymore because of people like Wendy Chapkis.  She spends her days indoctrinating our youth at the University of Southern Maine.  She is one weird dudette, or whatever.  She gets more respect from our society mostly because she has letters behind her name instead of dirt under her fingernails.

In a youtube promoting the University Chapkis whines about how some people in America are judgmental about her mustache.  I think Wendy is a woman, but it's hard to tell.  She proudly sports a blonde mustache.  Her official title at our taxpayer funded University is "Professor of Sociology and Director of Women and Gender Studies."

You and Jr. pay her salary.  You pay her to "teach" impressionable youth.

Chapkis and her ilk are quite literally -- like a demon does -- possessing America with their wicked ideology.  They must be cast out.

We will know we are on a healthy trajectory as a society when the chattering class starts honoring men like Jr. and firing idiots like Wendy Chapkis.

To cleanse your spirit forget Wendy's insanity and take a moment to meditate on this image of Jr's impressive man cave.

And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. -- 1 Timothy 5:13

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