Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pistol Packing is Legal Once Again. Praise God.

My pistol
There are few institutions in our society today that offend me more than the TSA.  The American public's nearly gleeful submission to their "pat downs" always makes me want to puke when I'm forced through their procedures at airports.

Seriously folks.  Just this one aspect of air travel makes me want to avoid flying, it is so demeaning and evil.

And yesterday came news about how truly silly the whole thing is.  Jim Kouri reports in a story headlined "BILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS' MONEY SPENT ON BOGUS AIRPORT SECURITY: NEW REPORT":
Undercover investigators working as part of "Red Teams" -- groups charged with testing security vulnerabilities -- were overwhelmingly successful in breaching airport security with fake explosives and banned weapons, according to reports released on Monday. The undercover agents were able to compromise Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints, in an investigation that revealed a massive, system-wide security failure at America's airports.

I am so thrilled to see an effective resistance to this thinking emerge.  Here in Maine that resistance is being led by a young libertarian Senator named Eric Brakey.  I first heard of him when I was working on the Ron Paul campaign a few years ago.  He went on to run an effective campaign for the State Senate and took on the issue of government permitting of Maine pistol owners who want to carry the gun in their pocket.

Eric Brakey
I went through the required training and permitting process a few years ago.  99 percent of what I learned from the required training was just common sense.  I paid my money and reluctantly signed up for a permit from the State Police.  It is the permitting part of the process that will be repealed by Brakey's law, I think.  The Governor has indicated he will sign the law.

About the only effect I experienced from the permitting was a violation of my privacy in Virginia.  I was driving a pro life truth truck outside of a Romney political rally.  The police stopped me for going too slow.  When he returned from his cruiser with my driver's license he asked me if I had a gun in the cab of the truck.  I didn't have it, but I should have had it.  I left my gun home, as I do most of time, because I don't want to take time to figure out where I'm allowed to carry it, and how I'm allowed to carry it.

We need so much more than this change for America to be truly safe and free once again.  But Brakey's effort is a hopeful sign.

The federal government needs to shut down the TSA.  Good Christian men need to arm themselves with the intention of being ever vigilant and equipped to protect innocence near them.  And I suppose I need to take the time to carry the pistol whenever and wherever I can.  I just want to be a good citizen.  That's hard to do in our sodomized times.

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