Thursday, June 18, 2015

Resurrecting an Old Idea -- The Marriage Project: Knowledge for Unity, Love and Truth

I'm not going to do this.

I threatened to do it just over ten years ago, in 2004.

I wonder if it's time.

Maybe it's past time.

After reading the book "Homosexuality:  Good and Right in the Eyes of God?" by Earle Fox I decided voters in Maine needed to know the marriage status of their rulers.  I sent out an email back then declaring my intent.  I wanted to create a website on which I would publish the marriage status, especially the sexual orientation, of people in the State House.

The charred embers from that firestorm are visible today.  Maine went on to enact the "gay" agenda through public voting.  It wasn't the judges or the politicians that did it in Maine.  It was a majority of the citizenry that voted in 2005 and 2012.  And the political lessons that "gay" activists learned in Maine are being used globally.

Evangelicals (aligned with the Christian Civic League of Maine) in the pine tree state decided in the early 1990s to force "gay" issues to the ballot box.  We reasoned that institutions and the state house were already lost.  We determined that our only hope lay in appealing to the people.

First, we attempted to create a law that would force any "gay" public policy changes originating in the state house to a statewide vote.  The Secretary of State wouldn't give us petitions.  We sued and won.  While the League was in court a parallel semi-religious organization obtained enough signatures to force a related idea to the ballot.  That idea nearly prevailed in statewide voting.

Soon after that vote the Legislature enacted a gay rights law.  In 1998 Mainers overturned that law in a people's veto that took place just a few weeks after a dramatic January ice storm that closed southern Maine for days.  A few years later the Legislature put the issue on the ballot again.  They lost once more.

Using millions of dollars from outside interests, and relentless activism in the grassroots, the pro-sodomy lobby eeked out a victory at the polls in 2005.  They forced the issue to the ballot using a referendum.

This "victory" came one year after the firestorm mentioned above which featured the assassination of my character by the Legislature and the media.

In 2009 the "gays" pushed the marriage issue to the ballot.  For the first time Roman Catholics at the leadership level stepped into the political fight alongside Evangelicals.  They pushed me from the stage in favor of less "radioactive" leadership.  Nevertheless, a slim majority of voters rejected the legal destruction of marriage that year.

The marriage body snatchers built on what they learned in the "gay" rights fight.  They spent millions and went into the grassroots.  In 2012 they produced another slim "victory" at the ballot box.  They created same sex mirage.

The United States Supreme Court may force it on the nation this month.  The U.S. is now the world's most aggressive promoter of sodomy.

I still don't believe the people support it.  I think the effect of all this politiking has not been victory in the sense that "progressives" imagine it.  They have succeeded in causing good men to silence themselves.  They haven't changed that many minds about the evil essence of promiscuity.

The silence of good people is understandable, but dangerous.

A nineteenth century British politician observed that evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  He said that this is all that is necessary.

Here's the 2015 version of my 2004 idea inspired by the Earle Fox book.

The focus should not be on the state house.  It should be on those who would rule over and educate  us -- elected and appointed officials, and candidates, at every level of government.  We also need to know the marriage status of public school teachers.  Parents need this information to be able to protect their children from hidden propagandizing in the schools.

One simple question:  What is your marriage status?

The self-identified status/orientation of the office holder/candidate/teacher would be published online for everyone to see.

Here is a definition from one pro-sexual orientation website:
LGBPTTQQIIAA+: any combination of letters attempting to represent all the identities in the queer community, this near-exhaustive one (but not exhaustive) represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Intergender, Asexual, Ally
I think the public needs to know.  I don't think the public needs to know for political reasons.  The public needs to know for survival reasons.  This information could very well determine whether or not our nation exists in a hundred years.  And it might save the life of your child or grandchild.

I am thinking that the information would be gathered by an army of volunteers and postcards.  These volunteers would just simply and politely ask office holders/candidates/teachers the question.  They will be armed with a simple handout that explains the project and gives the website address.  Just this one aspect of the project would be powerful as an educational tool.

Progressives envision a society that exalts the practice of, and knowledge about, sex outside the bonds and privacy of holy matrimony.  They have succeeded in creating laws that make good people vulnerable to attacks on the basis of someone's declared or undeclared sexual orientation.  Sadly, "progress" has made it prudent for people to know the sexual orientation of everybody.

My sexual orientation, by the way, is "married."  And as a matter of law and sexuality that should be the only matter touching on anybody's sexuality in which the government might choose to show an interest.  The only other sexual matters I can think of in which the government might choose involvement would be sodomy and pornography -- the prohibition of them.

All this public chatter about sex is best left in the private spaces of our lives and society.  It's not appropriate or helpful in law, politics or media.  The favorable chatter about promiscuity, in fact, only serves to weaken the moral strength of our families, churches and communities.

We mustn't forget that the forces behind this profound social change have now successfully integrated gender confusion into their campaigning.  The bottom line to all of this is the creation of a confused and disintegrating social order.  The devil's purpose is to make us hate one another.  He loves hate and death.

We are all paying the price in so many ways.

Good men must act.

The ultimate goal here would be for our rulers to repeal every aspect of the "gay" agenda.  My job as a minister of the Gospel is to educate about the gospel, the truth.  Political and cultural leadership will have to create these positive changes.  In our form of government they either listen, or pretend to listen more often than not, to the people.  Christian people have a duty before God to be clear with them -- win or lose.

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