Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rolley Haggard on God's Forgiveness for Abortion

In 2012 God gave me one of the greatest gifts ever.  I was granted the opportunity to drive a Truth Truck for the Center for Bioethical Reform.  I did so in Virginia, mostly around Washington D.C. and Norfolk.

I consider this one of the greatest gifts ever because Christians have turned away from so many facts that are staring them in the face.  I have been as guilty as the next Christian.

God said that He knows us when we are in the womb.  Innocent human life is especially precious to Him.  And there is no stage in our human existence when we are more innocent, or vulnerable, than when we are developing in our mother's womb.

Nothing I've ever seen challenges the death culture surrounding abortion more effectively than images of aborted babies in full color.  All Christians should support the presentation of these images to the public.  The lame stream media's suppression of these victim images is an indictment of those who rule over us.

Rolley Haggard gets this.  Rolley is a Christian writer.  I met him and his wife while driving the Truth Truck.  They traveled up from their home in South Carolina.   I trained them, and spent a week with them, presenting the images emblazoned on the sides of two large trucks to motorists in Virginia Beach.

Rolley is a writer for Breakpoint.  In his most recent column published just yesterday he writes:
It is a dangerous thing to presume upon the grace of God and say, before deliberately sinning, “God will forgive." Even if I am a genuine Christian, I am almost certainly going to be plagued, perhaps for the rest of my life, with unshakable feelings of guilt and doubt as to whether my repentance and faith was real and whether I am, indeed, a genuine Christian.
American Christians are addicted to the idea of cheap grace.  How else do we explain what is staring us in the face.

In a few short weeks our Supreme Court will presume to decide on marriage.  They take up this presumption at the behest of the perversion movement.  Christians allowed this to happen.  We enabled our rulers to do this.

I am convinced that one of the most powerful forces at work in this collapse into unreason is what Rolley points out in his excellent article.  It is the choice we have made to live our 80 years believing God will forgive us.  His grace and mercy trump his righteousness and judgment every sin (time).

But we all know this isn't true.  Rolley makes an excellent argument from Christian theology explaining why.  I hope you'll click through and read his article.

America has a hardened heart.  And this hardened heart has made us mushy headed.

Conservative commentator Don Hanks observes:
During the cold war, I believe there were millions of confused people believing that it was the Russian nation and people we were supposed to oppose, not communism. Or rather, many felt that communism came with being Russian, just as freedom comes with being American.
Americans who tenaciously stick to this suspicious attitude toward all things Russian either no longer recognize communism when they see it or they aren’t afraid of living in a totalitarian state as long as it is orderly and they have enough to eat and as long as their keepers have Anglo-Saxon names and call themselves Christians on the campaign trail.
The truth is, what has happened in recent decades is an almost complete role reversal in terms of communist totalitarianism.
At the risk of oversimplifying, I think that essentially, Russia is becoming America and the West is becoming the Soviet Union.
This shift away from common sense and toward totalitarianism is seen most clearly on the sodomy issue.  Russia has even produced a one hour documentary on the subject aptly titled "Sodomy."  The video used to be available on youtube.  I cannot find the video on youtube now.  I watched it when it was available.  It is an excellent consideration of the issue that features Scott Lively.

Screen grab of missing video
A DVD copy of the video was taken from Peter LaBarbera in Canada.  It was considered "hate propaganda" and sent to the "Prohibited Importation Unit" of the Canadian government.

Peter's website still has an article up about the seizure that features a youtube frame.  The youtube message that comes up upon a click on the frame says "This video has been removed by the user."

Youtube is owned by Google, an American corporation.  Google is boldly pro-homosexual.

Russia created a law making it illegal to propagandize children on this issue.  Meanwhile the USA is promoting it to seven year olds.  Maine is leading the way.

Rolley closes his insightful article:
God's willingness to forgive is never in doubt. But His forgiveness is always predicated upon the genuineness of our repentance. And the genuineness of our repentance is severely suspect if, before we go through with it, we can say in our heart, “I know it's wrong, but since God is going to forgive me anyway, I'm going to go ahead and do it.”
Those who say such things aren't looking for grace, but for permission to sin. They assuredly will not receive the latter, and it is fearfully doubtful they will receive the former, either. Not because God is unwilling to give it, but because they clearly aren't seeking it.
The Supreme Court's decision on marriage may be just one more bit of evidence that America has no interest in seeking either repentance or common sense.

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