Friday, September 11, 2009

Thankful for our men in uniform on this 9/11

I am thankful for all our men in uniform. I'm especially mindful of one special Marine today. My son, Jared, chatted with me this morning on the computer. He was writing from Iraq. He is finishing up his second combat deployment. I couldn't be more proud.

On September 1st his outstanding service was rewarded with a promotion. He rose to Sergeant. He is just twenty years old. He likes the Marines. He signed up for another four years.

America has not suffered another attack on our soil since 9/11. The credit goes to our men in uniform for putting pressure on the bad guys. While I'm proud of Jared, I know he would agree that the real heroes in any conflict are the ones that make the ultimate sacrifice. May God be with the family of each and every one of these soldiers. Their service is eternal, as is the honor due them.

It will be my great honor to stand with other parents to assure a joyous return to American soil for Jared and his fellow Marines. Unfortunately this trip precludes my being present with pro family friends here in Maine. I was honored to stand beside Tony Perkins, himself a Marine, at a Rally earlier this year when national pro family groups stepped up to protect marriage.

These groups have continued the fight, and they have my prayers for success as this latest peoples veto of a gay rights law proceeds to the ballot. This is the fifth public vote on gay rights since 1995.

Everybody knows that legal rights can't be granted on the basis of moral wrongs. We must pray that this issue is resolved sensibly ... the sooner the better.

Oooh Rah!!!