Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Athiests Should Support Christians for Public Office

Religion cannot be separated from politics.  It is possible however, to separate church from state.  I am a Christian.  That is how I know that strong families and strong individuals make for strong societies.

America is a nation in the Christian West, a place the world once called "Christendom."  Freedom and liberty in America are defined by Christianity.  No matter how disordered our society is at present, we are still not an anarchy.  You cannot drive on the left side of the road if you want.  Every society has rules, and  Christianity informs the rules of our society.

Two thousand years of Christian thinking cannot be decoupled from secular America.  The very word "secular" is religious.  It means that some activities are less ordered by the demands of Biblical holiness and righteousness than others.  The word does not mean that some activities are holy and others are not. Forces who are interested in reducing the status of Christianity from religion to superstition have changed the definition of the word secular, as they have changed the meaning of so many other words and concepts.

The word "gay" comes to mind, as does the meaning of the rainbow, as do the words "Freedom of Choice." But that is a topic for another time.

The safest society for atheists is a Christian society.   I've noticed that atheists and pagans aren't lining up to emigrate to other parts of the world.

Why is it safe here?

Christianity teaches us to love our enemies.  We don't use terror as a weapon.  Christians will kill if they must, but they won't murder.  And that is an important difference.

If atheists and liberals are really interested in confronting bullies, they'll put outspoken Christians in public office.

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Building a Dynamic Economy in Maine

America is in a mess economically.  Putting our faith in an economic future, which may or may not come to pass, is a mistake.  God calls us to pay our bills on time, not rely on China to float us a loan while we wait for our ship to come in.

Maine can build the most dynamic economy on the planet.  Our people are hard-working and creative. Our ancestors moved north from Massachusetts to build their own homes.  They didn't want Massachusetts dictating to them.  We still don't have any use for big city values.

We need jobs - jobs that make it possible for us to provide for our families.

We don't have jobs, because the government wants it that way - especially the federal government. Augusta is an accomplice in the destruction of the economy, but it isn't the worst offender.  The worst offender is Washington D.C.

Maine has the natural resources to be self-sufficient. We even have enough to help our neighbors.  We are not a good neighbor, or even self-sufficient, because our government cares more about dirt and trees than it does about the people of Maine.

If government really cared about the people of Maine, it wouldn't give them food stamps and welfare.  If government really cared, if it were a true partner, it would unleash the creative potential of Maine people.  As Thomas Paine observed, "The government that governs best, governs least."

Government did not make the forest beautiful.  Christian ideas related to stewardship helped create the natural environment that keeps so many of us here in the Pine Tree State.  Giving Augusta and Washington responsibility for environmental stewardship is killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

The high ideals of Christianity make us good.  These ideas draw us away from Hell, and toward Heaven. If we obey God's laws, Maine will look even more like Heaven. Tending a garden is a labor of love, not drudgery designed to produce food.  We are spiritual beings. Animals are not. Everything in nature, plant and animal alike, were created to serve man. No matter what PETA and the liberals at Princeton and Harvard say, animals are good food - and that includes the deer in the forest and the fish in the sea. 

Our economic problems will disappear when people begin thinking correctly.  Maine will prosper if our people love God.  If we love God and recommit ourselves to obeying His laws, we will emerge from this relatively minor economic challenge stronger, and more devoted to one another.