Saturday, June 22, 2013

Maine Governor Thinks Sodomy is a Bad Thing

Maine's Governor is taking it on the chin.  Angry at a Liberal politician the Governor suggested that he and the people of Maine are being sodomized.  This of course raised a chorus of criticism from the feminized among us.  Leading the choir in the Portland Press Herald article condemning the Governor is, appropriately, a choir director.

The executive director (a church worship leader) of the Christian group I once proudly headed (when it was willing to fight) led other voices for emasculation in condemning the conservative governor.  It is meaningless to give the views expressed in this article any deeper reflection.  It is the sort of thinking expressed in that article that has brought us to this point of cultural and moral insanity.

The governor got angry.  Good for him.  He named names.  So be it.

Like all of us when we get angry he'll probably wish he had expressed his feelings differently when he has time to reflect.

I for one am, however, very thankful that when his emotions stripped away the political facade and he sought for a suitably offensive epithet to express those angry emotions he found that sodomy served.

For that I say, PRAISE GOD!