Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gary Bauer and Bill Bennett

My friend Gary Bauer is speaking right now. He pointed out that 19 nations have taken polls regarding our Presidential election. In 15 of those nations Barack Obama won. Gary is bemused by the media's interest in what other nations think about our Presidential contest.

Bill Bennett spoke first this morning. He suggested that America's President needs to have moral clarity. He proved that Barack Obama lacks such clarity.

I think Paulie is going to blog on more details regarding Bill's speech. I was in the hall networking on issues related to the Family Policy Council. Be sure to visit Paulie's blog

Gary compared urban values to small town values of family, faith and freedom. He indicated that small town values will win over urban values everytime.

Addressing the most popular topic of this convention, Sarah Palin, Gary stated that in choosing to have Trig she did more for the pro life cause than he has done in thirty years of political advocacy. Trig is a downs syndrome baby.

Gary indicated that his political views are formed by his faith. A student confronted him on this point when he was running for president. The student asked him if he knew about the separation of church and state. Gary pointed to the education system as the source of this confusion about the relationship between faith and public life. "Something is wrong in America." he said.

He highlighted America's march of freedom and inspired a standing ovation when he praised America's military working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Turning to the topic of terrorism, Gary indicated that the detonation of a dirty bomb in the Federal Triangle here in Washington DC would kill 60,000 people, and it would set off an unimaginable crisis in America. He concluded with a bold endorsement of John McCain.

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  1. I think Gary Bauer is right about Sarah Palin. Governor Palin's son Trig is a powerful statement, far more powerful than policy positions. It is one thing to speak on behalf of truth. It is far more powerful (and far more of a challenge) to live it out!

    Dave Bugbee, Colorado