Saturday, September 13, 2008

Planned Threatening

UCLA student Lila Rose told the 2000 citizens assembled for the Values Voter Summit her story about being threatened with a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood. While Planned Parenthood eventually relented and dropped the lawsuit threat Lila was inspired by the persecution. She has ratcheted up her pro life advocacy using the new media, including popular online video site Youtube.

"Rape and racism are both fundamentally evil," she said. "We need to broaden the context of people's understanding of the abortion issue."

Lila mentioned that in the last three weeks YouTube has removed six videos that highlight the horrors of abortion. She urged the crowd to put pressure on Youtube.

She showed footage to the crowd regarding an undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood. The clip drew a standing ovation from the crowd. The clip shows Planned Parenthood breaking the law.

Speaking to Planned Parenthood Lila promised, "You will be defunded."

"Planned Parenthood will provide the crimes, we must provide the convictions." she said.

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