Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Presence at the Values Voter Summit

I just took a walk through the Exhibitor area of the Values Voter Summit. I found a booth that was playing up the Palin Vice President pick. The pro life Susan B. Anthony group is handing out bumper stickers and lapel stickers.

Sarah Palin is in Alaska seeing her son off to war. He is going to Iraq as a soldier. She won't be speaking at the Summit.

Paulie and I will bring Palin stickers home to Maine. I checked with the Maine Republican office last week. They didn't have any signs or stickers.

Evangelical left leader Jim Wallis is arguing that the Democrat Party's, and Barak Obama's, position on abortion is more pro life than the Republican position. Even though the Democrat Party removed the word "rare" from their famous promise to make abortion "safe, legal and rare" this year Wallis believes that an Obama administration will be more pro life than a McCain presidency.

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  1. An Obama administration WILL be more pro-life than a McCain Adminstration.

    Abortions have dramatically increased during Bush's presidency due to cuts in funding for sex education and promotion of Abstinence Only education.

    Obama will help educate our youth and by educating them he will keep them safe. It is a fact that unwanted pregnancies and abortion rates go up when we don't teach kids how to protect themselves.