Friday, October 3, 2008

Sad example of what is really going on

The "gay" issue is always portrayed in the media as one of tolerance. People don't realize that the so-called "tolerance" goes only one way. I have never experienced true tolerance with homosexuals. The minute they realize that I am not going to budge on my morals they become insistent, mean, hard-hearted and sometimes vicious. There is no better example of this reality than this recent account from the streets of San Franciso.

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I have never returned their hatred with hatred. Maine's liberal media has, however, been faithful at spinning my words and statements over the years. They have tried to cast me as a "hater" and "homophobe." I never have hated homosexuals, and never will. I feel sorry for them. I feel angry at what their ideology is doing to innocent children and young adults.

This is not hate. This is love and compassion.

If God can use a word like "abomination" to describe homosexuality then modern Christians can speak directly and simply about it. Hatred of sin IS a family value. The love of sin is evil. It is idolatry.

My blog is titled "Love is Patient" for a reason. Loving Christian people are going to have to practice extraordinary patience in coming years. The demonstration of that patience will be the result of speaking plainly about homosexuality and sexual wrong-doing. I was so pleased to read Linda Harvey's sensitive account of the press conference linked above. She demonstrated great patience, as did Peter LaBarbera and the other courageous Christians.

Lots of people aren't going to like our stand.

A politician wrote me this morning and asked me what Bible verse gives me inspiration. I sent him Luke 21:16-19 -- You will be betrayed even by parents, brother, relative and friends, and they will put some of you to death. All men will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. By standing firm you will gain life."

Remember to stand firm today.


  1. You likely won't allow this to post. You should.

    Look, Mr. Heath, you cannot use anecdotal evidence to support such a large claim. That's inductive reasoning and it doesn't get you too far. In your experience, it may be that others have refused to tolerate your beliefs. That's unfortunate. What happened SF is unfortunate. But to characterize an entire group of people who are only united by one commonality is a disservice to not only those people, but logical reasoning.

    But I can put aside this entire point and cede the ground to you. Let's say, for a moment, that most homosexuals and homosexual supporters are intolerant of your position. That does not have *any* bearing on whether or not it's okay for you to be intolerant. Do unto your neighbor as you would want done unto you.

  2. I wonder if you have ever considered where all of that animosity comes from? Do you believe it is innate, Satanic, a trend to follow, or what? Most homosexuals have led very hard lives. More often because they are effeminate (or too masculine for women), than anything having to do with the sex they have. Some of them got teased and beaten, sometimes every single day at school while authority figures did nothing, long before they ever "came out of the closet" or preached their sexuality to anyone. Some are told they are evil by their own family members, before they even know what the word "gay" means. People who endure that treatment from a community that says they love Jesus never ever forget it. This animosity you feel does not spontaniously appear. Many of these homosexuals are men and women who were children once, and they never felt safe. Imagine how you would feel about people who preach the things you preach, if you grew up like that. Loving your fellow man also requires a degree of empathy and understanding. I find it amazing that you have a degree in philosophy and yet it seems you have never considered being in their shoes for even a moment. It seems to me your message would be better received if you did not speak of them like they were some kind of species from another planet, or as if their anger was not sometimes justified. They are human beings just like you. They see the treatment they grew up with, and your message, as hypocritical, even if you are not directly responsible for the abuse they endured. Homosexual teenagers have a very high rate of suicide. This has everything to do with the way they are treated by Christian classmates, teachers, parents, etc.