Friday, October 3, 2008

Shallow Sex

My friends at Exodus International unveiled a new website for teens today. Commenting on the site Mike Ensley, their Youth Analyst said, "This web site is a place where they can find an alternative response to the culture's dead beat message that sex is shallow and gender is meaningless."

I couldn't agree more about sex. Sex has become meaningless in the same way that a picture becomes meaningless without a frame. Things need borders ... limits. Sex is no different.

Eliminating rules compromises love, stability and romance. Biology isn't enough. Sex is first of all spiritual, then it is physical. If we reverse the order we destroy both love and sex. Oh sure, it's fun. But it doesn't last for long.

The greatest tragedy of this experiment is what is happening to our young people. The radical ideology of the sexual revolution is now being forced on Christian elementary-age children through the media and public schools. Attentive parents will jump all over this. Strong and loving parents will either homeschool, or use a local private school, hopefully Christian.

Is there anything more important than the next generation of Americans --our children and grandchildren?

Click here to visit the Exodus Youth Site.

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