Friday, October 17, 2008

Bearing the Cross

Yesterday I attended a rally with hundreds of Mainers in Bangor. Sarah Palin flew in to motivate Republicans in the final weeks of the election season. It was a pleasure to stand among so many patriotic Americans for two hours. The line to get into the airport hanger was quite long.

I ended up missing Palin's speech. I saw her jet land as I was leaving to record an interview on a local radio station.

While standing in line I wore a baseball hat. It is a hat that I obtained from my friend Coach Dave Daubenmire. It features a Christian Cross on the front where one normally finds a logo for a sports team. It is red, white and blue.

I was the only person wearing anything conspicuous that symbolized Christianity, or any religion for that matter. Many people were displaying logos for sports teams, or symbols related to hunting. Nobody adorned their body with anything that suggested Christianity, much less shouted it.

I wonder why?

I wear my Cross Hat often nowadays curious about how people will respond. I have never been insulted, attacked or confronted. In fact, I notice a heightened respect and deference in the people I encounter when I wear the hat.

Related to this observation about morality and Christianity is an excellent column that my good friend Peter LaBarbera wrote yesterday. Check it out.

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