Friday, October 31, 2008

The smooth tones of hate

I am glad that I got over Jim Wallis and Sojourners years ago.

After earning my college degree in philosophy years ago I developed a passing interest in Mr. Wallis's ideas. I still respect his intellect. I don't spend any time, however, keeping up with what he is doing or saying these days. I have too much to do. Mr. Wallis publishes the Religious Left's flagship magazine, Sojourners.

I noticed in my email box today a message from Jason Gedeik, a representative for Sojourners. I was pleased to see that the work of my hero Dr. James Dobson has seized the attention of Mr. Obama's religious apologists. Mr. Gedeik opens, "Fear has always been the dark side of American politics, and we're seeing its resurgence in the elections' final days."

Whenever I see the Religious Left use the word "fear" I know what's coming next. The Religious Left never misses an opportunity to bash Christians. Sure enough Mr. Gedeik continues, "Much of this fear-mongering comes from Religious Right leaders who are really worried about losing control over Christian votes." Losing control over Christian votes? That sounds ominous ... and over the top.

Mr. Gedeik goes on to pitch a couple columns that his boss, Jim Wallis, wrote to reveal the "fear tactics" of Christians. The only Religious Right leader Mr. Gedeik mentions in his diatribe is one of the truly great courageous Christian leaders at the national level, Dr. James Dobson. Mr. Gedeik concludes promising, "Jim also can offer insights into the real issues behind the attacks of people like James Dobson of Focus on the Family."

I clicked on the link to one of the columns. It wouldn't work. I guess I won't be getting to the real issues behind the attacks of those awful demons like James Dobson. Can you believe Mr. Gedeik even left off the honorific? Why can't the Left show even a modicum of respect for serious men like DR. James Dobson. Agree or disagree with him, we should all honor his intellect and accomplishments.

With all due respect to Mr. Wallis, I hope the link stays broken until November 5th.

To see our report on what we should all fear related to the pro-sodomy activities of the Religious Left read our report on a movie they showed in Portland Maine earlier this year. Click here.

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