Sunday, May 3, 2009

Governor and Same Sex Marriage

Governor John Baldacci will either sign Senator Damon's same sex marriage proposal or let it go into law without his signature.

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The Senate was where the fight was, if there ever was one. They crushed pro family forces with Maine Republicans offering only their usual tepid resistance. I always doubted that there would be a real fight in the State House on either abortion or homosexuality this year.

The party of sexual sin, the Democrats, continue to gain power in Maine. Until the Republicans figure out how to appeal to their traditional statewide base, or there is a revolution, we are likely to see the slide into sexual deviance continue.

There is hope, however, in using the Peoples Veto. The people haven't fallen quite as far as their political, cultural and academic institutions just yet. Although we may be surprised during this campaign to learn how far even the people have slipped from common sense and decency. We can hope.

The real answer to all of this, of course, is the Bible's teachings on morality. Every Mainer needs to dust that old book off and turn to 1 Timothy. That's a good place to start reading to get some practical advice for living. A quick ponder of Romans 1 will heal any waywardness on sexual sin. And if that leaves any questions, how about the Ten Commandments. It might be a little difficult to honor your father if you don't have one because your lesbian mommies, and some irresponsible male somewhere, decided to raise you without a dad.


  1. One person complained to me that this blog posting is confusing people. He argued that we don't know how the Governor is going to vote. While this is technically true because he hasn't made a declaration to the public yet, he did take the time to pick up the phone and call a gay rights supporter to assuage their concern that he might be abandoning the cause of "justice." I wrote about that in a previous blog post. With all due respect to those who choose to be confused, I don't think (given the Governor's political bent and history on this issue) that there is much doubt where Governor John Baldacci is going to come down on Senator Damon's proposal. Peoples Vetos are arduous and difficult affairs. The sooner we get started the better. We are going to need all the time we have if we hope to be successful. Also, everyone who wants to defeat Senator Damon's bill at the polls -- for whatever reason -- needs to come together as soon as possible and become co-belligerents in this effort. And I do mean everyone -- not just the polite folks -- as much as I respect and appreciate them. Passion and emotion are part of any effective campaign. Gay forces wish to divide good people. It is fascinating how they manage to do it by being highly emotional themselves. I have never heard one advocate for homosexuality chastise their folks for getting passionate or emotional in their fight for "justice." Yet, I hear Republicans and pastors "on our side" give lectures all the time about how out of place emotion is, and about the omnipotence of civility. I'm sorry, but I don't get troubled by a Christian embracing the symbols of their faith publicly, nor do I lose sleep over a grandmother loudly insisting at a work session in the State House that this marriage debate IS INDEED about morality. Her exclamation has, in fact, the ring of truth to it. And the fact that she graced the State House with a baseball cap that featured the cross adds stimulating symbolism to the entire episode.

  2. Really?
    What does thew bible say about bigotry, stupidity, and hatred?

  3. It's sinful that you use Christianity as a means of hatred in your personal struggle. Sinful and sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. From a proud gay man in a stable relationship

    We can pray for God to deal with the injustices, for God to judge the person's life, and then we can leave that prayer at the altar. Although it is normal for us to feel anger toward sin and injustice, it is not our job to judge the other person in their sin.

    Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."

    I forgive you...

  5. wow, just think of how many poverty stricken people, how many of the state's under educated people, and how many of the state's homeless people you could help with all this energy you devote to stopping two humans of consenting age from getting married.

  6. This issue is about morality for you, Mike. As far as our secular government is concerned, it is not.

    It is beyond me why people don't understand that the legal issue here has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Gay marriage is not outlawed. Same-sex marriage is what is illegal. Given that civil rights bills have banned discrimination on the basis of sex, it's pretty clear cut that the legal issue is of sex, not sexual orientation.

    I would like just one conservative to acknowledge the superiority of this legal argument. Whoever does it can feel free to maintain that the bigger issue is moral. I just want people to realize that sex is the issue on which legislatures and courts and citizens should be making their decisions. This country cannot legally deny same sex individuals rights that are given to opposite sex individuals.

  7. I feel so sorry for your children, who have to grow up in an environment of intolerance. In as few as 10 years, we're likely to see full legal recognition of gay Americans. And your children will be marginalized, unless they have the personal resolve to rebel against the bigotry you are teaching them. I am so thankful that my parents acted more Christian than you do.

  8. You, Mr. Heath, should be thrown in jail sir.

  9. Your views are appalling. It saddens and confuses me to know that there are people who put so much effort into denying people their basic human rights. I do pity you though...

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  11. You know what is appalling. The intolerance displayed in the posts above. Let us all take a brief look at how obscene some of these posts are, this coming of course from the "tolerant" crowd. You see, if one really does not believe Christian morals should have a place in this debate, that is all they need to say. They are of course wrong, as our nation was founded and built on those very values. However, to suggest that the Bible condones sin is highly deceitful if not outright disturbing. For you see, as asserted here God is, in fact, the final judge. He of course has the final say. On the one hand it is not possible to limit the extent of his mercy in dealing with sinful lifestyles (homosexuality) it is another thing entirely to openly suggest God would support this same sinful behavior. That assertion, is again, completely wrong and somewhat deceitful in its presentation. In addition, God charges his followers (Christians) to stand up for what is right repeatedly in the good book. To suggest that Christians should stay silent on this issue is utterly preposterous. To further suggest that Christians that speak out for what is right (and thus against sin) are hateful bigots? Please, your credibility in the debate disappears as soon as you jump to such vile, foolish labels. Mike Heath continues to fight against the forces of sin because it is what he has been called to do. It is, in fact, what all Christians have been called to do. Unfortunately, many believers in truth have been scared into silence (by the hateful attacks of the "tolerant") or deceived by the lies of this movement. This movement is not about equal rights at all, it is about total acceptance. They sincerely believe that their lifestyle choices are ingrained....that they can not help their sinful decisions. Thus, they will stop at nothing before everyone accepts that false belief. Religious freedom will disappear and convicted Christians will be oppressed for standing up for what the Bible says is right and wrong. This will lead to further perversions of marriage, including polygamy and pedophilia. If you do not believe that, simply google 'hate crimes bill homosexual' and you'll discover that pedophiles have been added to the list of over 30 orientations that are protected from harm (which makes sense) or even vocal criticism (which does not). Our country, which was founded on this among many other falling from grace and it is sad and even reprehensible. I pray that God does not give up on us, even as we turn our backs on Him. Peace

  12. My Name is Jared S. Heath, I am a United States Marine, and am currently residing in Iraq. I am Mike Heath's son, and I would like to comment on what Ben said about me. First, do not feel sorry for me, I have the utmost respect for my father, and I could not ask to be raised in a better way. He is a great man, and I strive to emulate his example. Second, why should I be, "Marginalized" if we are to be tolerant of each other? You believe Homosexuality is right, I believe it is wrong, Yet I am going to be marginalized based on my beliefs? We both believe in something, yet your belief is better than mine. Please tell me who or what is going to determine that. I believe that the determining factor is the Bible, which says, "And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet." Romans 1:27 Once you disprove the Bible as a historical document, let me know.

  13. Jared, you will be marginalized because, whether you realize it or not, most people in your own age group see the positions you hold as bigotry, pure and simple. Many older persons also, and they are in positions of authority in hiring/firing, etc. If you work, when you return here ( and I wish you a safe return from your tour of duty) for a corporation, the odds are huge that it will require you to go through training to teach you the tolerance your father failed to. Who will determine you will be marginalized? The Fortune 500 already if you don't learn to express that basic respect for gay people and their relationships; the government in no small part; academia if you attend university; and not that long from now, even the miliary you are a part of. Society, in most Urban areas, already marginalizes those with opinions such as yours, and in secular New England, such will be more and more the case.

    Lastly, you were so raised you do not realize that you are, sadly, a bigot. Your standards which say otherwise are not the ones being used now. Just a fact, like it or not. I know you love your father. I am sure he loves you, but he did not prepare you, and a certain pity is due. You think because you believe you are special and because you think your religion is special you get to set its rules for everyone else. You ask why you will be marginalzed? It is because other people in a tolerant and diverse society will not tell you how to live. Yes, we will say you cannot marry a child (straight or gay marriages included, because kids cannot make adult decisions, or your sister, because of the risk of genetic problems with any offspring, but thats about it) but you will try to tell them whom they can marry and love. Even basic protectiosn have been fought by your father tooth and nail. As I said, in the corporate/business world, if you express such ideas you will be put in your place so fast you won't know how to deal with it, and their are plenty of examples of this happening. So, when the previous poster said he felt sorry for you because your father did not prepare you, don't get upset. He was just stating a fact of life in America. I don't know that poster, and I don't think he was being personal about it, but, either way, he was correct.

    You daddy did not prepare you. Don't believe me? Just wait till you get a civilian job/career. Or talk with your neighbors with gay relatives and friends, or cannot find a TV show that makes people with your opinions look other than bigoted and marginalized. Or, for that matter, just stay in the armed forces long enough.

    I doubt this will get posted. But if it does, please know I write this with no rancor. These are just the honest observations of how life really is, and an honest answer to your question about who will marginalize you, and why your (no doubt loving) upbringing will lead to it.


  14. In response to Jared Heath. First, THANK YOU for your service to our great country. Next, also in Roman's 1:26 "For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature". Much of Roman's 1 is about the sins of immorality with a good section dealing with homosexuality.
    This is not about hate, but it is about learning what God has to say about morality & what is best & right for our physial, emotional & mental health. We cannot change what God says.
    Homosexuality is not a basic human right.