Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is gayness dignified?

I can't listen to a speech against so-called gay marriage these days without hearing the speaker talk about the rights and dignity of "homosexual persons." A retired ministered who agrees with my position on this issue called me this week and talked about how important it is to respect the rights of homosexuals. In the same breath he was objecting to same sex marriage.

What is going on here?

It is simple really.

The definitions of words and concepts are being changed. We need look no further than the concept of marriage, but we will.

How about the idea of "rights?"

Great word, rights. The opposite of right is .... wrong. Now, doesn't that help? Gay rights don't exist because they cannot. Any society that pretends they do exist is working against nature, and we all know what happens when you resist nature. Nature always wins because it is influenced by the fall differently than mankind. That is a subject for another post sometime.

We can't give rights to do wrong. Since sex outside of marriage is wrong, same sex whatever is wrong because marriage is always and for all time between one man and one woman.

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