Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truth Tour 2009: Peter LaBarbera Coming to Maine


In the early 1990s Bob Knight talked sense to me. His polite confrontation over the phone inspired me to sink my teeth into the culture war. He was working for the Family Research Council. Peter LaBarbera was his assistant. Bob had a small team of guys that were beginning to provide effective coordination and motivation to grassroots pro family activists.

After Gary Bauer left to run for President Bob's department was disbanded. That was a sad day for me. I still regret that decision by the Family Research Council. Bob and Pete have stayed in the fight. They are America's two most valuable national pro-family assets. If the pro family movement brought those two guys together again and funded them things would change fairly rapidly in the good ole USA.

I'm going to bring my good friend Peter LaBarbera to Maine later this month, on May 28 and 29. He now heads up the most effective online advocacy website for common sense in the "gay" fight, Make sure you check it out, and tell all your friends. I chair his board of directors.

The title of Pete's talk is The Zero-Sum Game: How Gay Rights and 'Same-Sex Marriage' Undermine Religious Freedom. I'm hosting a working lunch in Portland, supper in Houlton on Thursday, May 27th and breakfast in Bangor on Friday, the 28th of May.

Throughout the summer we hope to be providing opportunities for people to hear the truth about the "freedom to marry" through our Truth Tour 2009. We aren't going to pull any punches. None of what we will be doing is about political correctness. All I care about is getting the truth out there. I'm talking with front line Christian pro family heroes who have been in this fight for years, some of them decades. One man who I WILL definitely bring to Maine this summer is Bob Knight. He authored the Defense of Marriage Act that Senator Dennis Damon's bill just eliminated.

The people of Maine are going to do the right thing when they hear the facts. I know it. Thank God for the Peoples Veto.

These are invitation only events. You must either email or call me right away to secure your place at these VIP meetings. Everyone is invited to contact me and request an invitation. Email me and tell me why you want to come. The press is NOT welcome. Email me at or call my cell at 207-592-4137.


  1. MIke Heath...when will you be coming out of the closet?

  2. Will you and Pete be visitng an leather shops? We know that Porno Pete has a thing for whips and chains. We will keep an eye out fro you 2 in P-Town

  3. Michael you have done more to promote Gay Marriage then any other person in Maine. By keeping it on the front page of Newspapers and TV you have done us a great service. Please keep it up, we like the free PR. As for "marriage" I know your position on gays, however, where would you stand if "one man and one women" wanted to marry and one was a rapist, or child abuser, had several childer out of wedlock (and has yet to take care of them or pay support for them) or worst yet a serial killer? Criminal straights can get marry, but gays can't. Now if you do the "right" thing and stop them from getting marry, where do you stop? Sounds like you and your group are a lot more of a danger to the citizens of Mainee then a few of us gays. Some food for thougth??

  4. Please, please, please follow through on this. Honestly. Your form of activism, Mr. Heath, will surely only help the pro-equality cause.

  5. Michael, I have a question that I'm not sure the Governor or anyone has really considered that seriously. Perhaps I'm being a little premature here, because I don't really know how the people's referendum works and whether or not it will take place BEFORE what the Governor signed goes into effect. But here in California, our state Supreme Court rashly allowed gay marriage for a few months knowing full well that this question was going to be on the ballot in November. Now that the voters of California have said NO to gay marriage, the court is having to decide what to do about the presumed 16,000 so-called same-sex marriages they mistakenly allowed during that interim They could dissolve them since they are now totally illegal or they could create a special exception for them because they relied on the legality of the court's decision when they married. No one knows what they're going to do. So, my question is whether or not the Governor has considered the likelihood that he or the court may have to decide the fate of any interim marriages conducted between when this new 'law' goes into effect and the people repeal it a few months later. Clearly, the California Court did not, though they could easily have stayed the implementation of their decision until after the election. Is that something we can ask the Governor to consider? It just doesn't seem fair to put any of these couples through the uncertainty they'd face after the vote, or the voters through the expense of having to pay for changing all the forms etc. when they're going to have to be changed back anyway. How do we communicate this clearly to the Governor so he'll consider staying this law from going into effect until after the vote? Please let us know.

  6. If the assertions above are correct, it is to the detriment of us all. For if those who speak out against sin, and stand up for truth only further the cause of the sinful....God may have turned his back on this nation already. Thankfully, I believe that thus far it is only our politicians and media who have sold out to the quest for "equality". In fact, I believe that what spurs on the hateful backlash of those who would call themselves "tolerant" is the realization that they are forcing this "progression" down this country's throat. They are angry that they have had to fight so hard for their sinful immorality to be accepted. They are especially angry at those brave enough to openly oppose their agenda. Somewhere along the way they abandoned reason and common sense, and they are left with emotion and rage. I pray for you all, that you realize what you are doing and that you repent. I can assure you, that convicted Christians will never bow to the sinful ways of this world and they will always stand up for what is right. When the vile verbal persecution turns to outright physical abuse....hopefully then you will all realize the error of your ways, lest your soul be lost for good. I for one, stand in support of traditional marriage. I for one, will not compromise the truth. Peace

  7. Mike - It looks like the homos are reading your blog, and naturally (or should I say unnaturally?) they are so obsessed that they post their idiotic, adolescent comments. Don't let it bother you - you have a lot of support out there from normal people who have had enough of that sick agenda and are looking forward to fighting back.

  8. God embraces diversity. That's why he made people different. He also created man equal. You can call love between to men or women a sin, it doesn't bother me as I don't have to answer to you. Remember that God's first humans didn't take long to sin...

    Some of us will go to heaven and some to hell. I might go to hell... If being gay takes me there I'm sure I'll meet many of you there...

  9. Anonymous - Wow, you must be dreamin'. Support for this anti-gay trash is dwindling. Just look at the younger generations. They support equality for gays more and more every day. Better get used to it, 'cause you and your cause are on your way to becoming extinct.