Thursday, May 7, 2009

Governor signs the bill

No surprise. The Governor signed Senator Damon's genderless marriage proposal yesterday. I said he would. Senate Democrats allowed homosexual activist legislator, Larry Bliss, to serve as President of the Senate so that his signature could be on the bill as it went to the Governor. The Governor signed the bill with almost no fanfare.

I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, ABC News and many other media outlets. I didn't get time to call the New York Times back, and they produce my favorite source of national and international news online! I like their website, but not their bias. I would have enjoyed talking with their reporter.

The celebration yesterday was muted because homosexual activists know that this is far from over. They know that Maine citizens will deliver the signatures for the Peoples Veto.

I GUARANTEE YOU they already have the television ads produced for the coming campaign. They will attack your faith, your religion. They will, in subtle ways, suggest to the public that YOU are scary. They will continue to distort the convictions of great grandmothers, like Elaine Graham -- the sweetest woman I've ever met.

Unafraid to speak out she breaks all the rules in politics in today's secular culture. Her sin, you ask? She believes homosexuality is immoral and she is willing to shout it from the rooftops. God bless her. For goodness sakes, even Christian ministers are trying to find a place to hide from the homosexual pushers! Look what it has come to folks. Please?

DO NOT allow the tolerance brigade to silence you. It is time to speak out. NOW is the time.

Don't try to be sophisticated, cool, metrosexual or smart. Just be you. BE AN AMERICAN ... A Mainer. You know what marriage is, even if you do lust. DEFEND THE TRUTH. What encourages me most is the young people. Some college age young people are starting to show up in the ranks of this fight.

If you don't speak out now, very soon it is going to be too late.

Please live your convictions. Don't be afraid. Enough said.

Call my office RIGHT NOW. Tell me that you want to help. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE BELOW 60. I know that my senior friends are making sacrifices and doing everything they can. They will continue because they know better than anyone else what Maine will become if this law is allowed to stand. The torch must pass to younger generations.


Email is better. Email me at

Don't expect us to get right back to you. We are overwhelmed by calls and emails. I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled. Spread the word.

It's time to stand tall for the truth!


  1. Of what are you so afraid?

  2. I'm totally excited that I'm a member of the "party of sexual sin!" It makes me want to go out and commit sexual sin. If only I weren't in a monogamous relationship. darn it all.

  3. You, personally, may find homosexuality and bisexuality immoral but it is still two consenting adults living together and raising families. They do this withOUT marriage already. All they want is the legal recognition that heterosexual couples have. If it is the same rights and privileges as marriage, why aren’t you calling it marriage? You are clearly making a distinction between the two types of relationships/families by calling it something else when it is “equal.” Separate is not equal.

    And if you want to bring the church into this, shame on you. All Americans are supposed to have equal protections and rights under the law. Being a gay American does not make you any less American. Shame on you, and shame on your lack of forgiveness, love and understanding of other law-abiding Americans. I may not approve of the way many Americans live their lives, but I wouldn’t dare vote to deny them the same rights I have.

  4. I'm on board with you! keep full throttle for Jesus Christ! He is on your side! Stand up for what is right! God bless you!
    I'm from baldwin maine. My name is Alec! Pastor Kindreds son!

  5. Count me in! It is irresponsible for any convicted Americans to allow this bill to pass without opposition. Morality and common sense must prevail. Peace