Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who is Walking Away from the Battle?

The destruction of Sodom
and Gomorrah
Our splendid Maine summer is here at last, and people want to think about camping, boating, and fishing instead of worry about politics. That is fine. Not everyone is called to fight the forces of immorality which have engulfed our state.

Earlier this week, someone made the laughable comment that I "walked away from the battle" when I left the Christian Civic League.  I wish someone had told me that earlier!  I was wondering why I was so bogged down with work and worries about our nation's future.  

The  gentleman's comments were included in a webpage thread to an online newspaper article in which he is quoted.  He claimed in his remarks that I was "competitive" and that I created a rift with the Roman Catholic Church.

I've already addressed the charge that I created a rift with the Catholic Church here. Someone ought to call my Catholic friends to ask for comment.  The claim that I was competitive is too silly for anyone to worry about.

But let me address the laughable claim that I "walked away from the battle." That way we will know what the battle is, and we will know just who walked away from it.

Judging from the reactions of homosexual activists, I still have a  higher profile in the battle against homosexual rights than anyone else in the state. The mere mention of my name gives them fits. On the other hand, the response from homosexual advocates to the new pro-family leaders has been mildly critical, or in some cases, favorable.

That is because  homosexual rights activists know that the newcomers are using a message invented by "gay" radicals -- a  message of love, (false) compassion, and the goodness of marriage.  They know that if the newcomers keep on using a message invented by the homosexual rights movement, "gay" marriage will eventually win at the polls.

Homosexual activists also know that success depends on convincing the public that homosexual acts are normal and acceptable. They chose that strategy in the 1990s, and that is why they appeal to tolerance and the goodness of marriage. They also know that this new tone of tolerance and compassion helps their plan to criminalize any criticism of homosexuality. 

When the newcomers criticize my tone as harsh and unloving, they are promoting an idea which is at the heart of the homosexual rights movement. They are doing the work of the homosexual rights movement.

The Bible and common sense tell us that marriage is the foundation of society. Marriage exists to protect society and keep it going. Destroying marriage is the same as destroying humanity. There is no polite way to say this. God was not being polite when he rained down fire, brimstone, and black, flaming oil on Sodom and Gomorrah.  He was being merciful.  Homosexual "marriage" and civil unions are evil because they will certainly destroy society. It is unchristian not to point this out.

A father who shouts when he sees his child start to touch a hot stove is not being "hateful." He is being a loving father - a man, if you will. If he speaks in soft, motherly tones -- "Now don't touch that stove, Johnny" --  he is being a hater, and a cleverly-concealed hater, at that. He would be enabling little Johnny's act of touching a hot stove. I imagine the fires of Hell are a thousand times hotter.

It defies logic to think that we are going to build a nation of strong marriages by teaching our children, starting in kindergarten, that a woman is psychologically and physically-equipped to be a father.  Does that make sense to you?  Or is it insanity? But that is exactly what Maine's Attorney General teaches in all of Maine's public schools.  And that won't change if we simply protect the word "marriage."  To fix the problem we must repeal Maine's misnamed "hate crimes" law.  But that's just the beginning.

Stand for Marriage, the California-based group that came to Maine last year to supposedly save marriage, decided to compromise in order to attract "moderate" voters.  They expect to save marriage by offering public and private support for sodomy.  Stand for Marriage is a coalition of groups that I won't join until it commits to repeal all laws that affirm "sexual orientation."

While ignoring principle might work with Senator Elizabeth Mitchell, it'll never fly with God.  If I have to choose between leaders who teach that all sex is good sex as long as it is consensual, or God (we all have to make that choice), there's no doubt who I'll choose.

I am currently Chairman of the Board of AFTAH (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.) AFTAH hosts the internet's most honest and courageous Christian website, a website which exposes the vile abomination which is the homosexual rights movement.  Check it out by clicking here. It's definitely not for those who can't handle the truth. The newcomers won't like it. Radical "gay" activists don't like it either.

Additionally, I have been invited to represent the American Family Association in all of New England.  The founder of the American Family Association, the heroic Don Wildmon, has been outspoken on this issue for over thirty years. This spring,  I traveled to Tupelo, Mississippi to work with his son, Tim Wildmon.

May God grant me the strength to emulate this courageous Christian warrior in New England.

So, who has  "walked away from the battle?"  A better question would be, "Who is fighting the battle for the other side?"

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