Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pray for Truth Road Trip

 A couple years ago Paulie and I undertook the Pray for Power Road Trip.

In just under two weeks I will begin what God has invited me to call the Pray for Truth Road Trip.  I will undertake this adventure with my son, Jared.  Here is a map of the trip.  I'll be updating it with information you can use to pray for us.  I'll post updates on this blog as we make our way across the country.

Helping Hands Ministries is partnered with two Christian heroes who lead important ministries.  One is Peter LaBarbera and the other is Ray Moore.

Peter leads Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.  Ray leads Exodus Mandate.

I've known Pete since the early 1990s.  I met Ray while leading the Ron Paul for President Campaign in Iowa in 2011.  Ray appointed me his representative in New England.  God willing I'll be making some Exodus Mandate connections on the Pray for Truth Road Trip.

I'm looking forward to being with Pete in Chicago.  Paulie and I were able to be with Pete and his wife for a breakfast on our Pray for Power Road Trip.  Pete and I will be discussing a deeper relationship between Americans for Truth and Helping Hands Ministries.

One of the major reasons hundreds of thousands of Christian families fled the public schools in the past forty years is the collapse of common sense.  The melt down is nearly complete.  Nothing illustrates this fact more clearly than their promotion of sodomy and transgendering.

Whether or not the public wakes up Christians have a duty to both tell and live the truth.  Hell is reserved for people who reject God.  People who believe that homosexuality is moral will spend eternity in hell.  Nations who destroy God's image in marriage will themselves be destroyed.  It is only a matter of time.

I'm really looking forward to visiting with Terry Hughes, the Ice Man.  I helped him put his autobiography online.  You can read it for free on your computer or mobile device.

Jared and I will be praying while we travel across America that our nation will repent.  We'll pray that her people will turn from their wicked ways, and choose to come together in love for one another, instead of fight for a bigger piece of the pie.  This sort of healing and unity can only be found in the gospel, morality and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Make a donation to help us with our ministry expenses on this trip.

You can click on the sentence above to make an online donation with your credit or debit card, or make your income tax deductible check out to Helping Hands Ministries, 5 Sylvan Way, Chelsea, ME  04330.

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